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6 May

Our social media leading volunteer, Dylan Conn, volunteered at his local March for Babies event. We interviewed him to find out about his experience as an on-the-ground volunteer.


Allison & Kaylen: What motivated you to volunteer & participate in March for Babies?

Dylan: I may be known for the work I do for the March of Dimes online, but this weekend I experienced “the real deal” – walking in March for Babies.  Walking in  March for Babies was actually my first experience with the March of Dimes, so I love participating in it again every year.


A & K: In what ways did you volunteer at the walk?

Dylan:I left my house much earlier than I usually even wake up on a Sunday morning (6:30!) and headed to the Chicago suburb of Highland Park to volunteer at the Lake County March for Babies.  My job was to work the registration table, which consists of taking the donations from the walkers and making sure their team gets the credit for it.  It may sound easy, but when the walkers began arriving, it quickly turned busy. All of the other volunteers did a great job of working together, and we managed to collect all of the walkers’ money quickly and efficiently!


A & K: Were you able to participate in the walk?

Dylan: Yes! I really wanted to experience the walk, so I ran away from the table just in time to catch the ribbon cutting and beginning of the march.  As we left the park where we started, hundreds marched through Highland Park’s shopping district, which was a very cool sight.  I caught up with the ambassador family and asked them about their story since I couldn’t hear it earlier when I was working registration.  Jack weighed only 1.5 pounds when he was born at 26 weeks because his mother suffered from HELLP syndrome, which can cause premature birth.  Jack’s story is a happy one though, because he came home from the NICU after 115 days.  Now a year old, he suffers from some lung issues, but is otherwise happy and healthy.  It was great to see Jack, his cousins, and many other family members walking in the March for Babies and supporting the March of Dimes!


It started to rain about twenty minutes into the walk, which is something I always dread!  It seems like I always get stuck with bad weather! But another great thing about the March for Babies is everyone is so happy to be there and showing their support, they don’t care if they get a little wet.  I was still relieved when I reached the picnic shelter at the end and got to put on my warm, dry coat! 


A & K: Were there other youth walkers participating in your March for Babies event?

Dylan: There were-special thanks to students from North Chicago and Zion-Benton High Schools who came out to walk – I love seeing youth teams come out when we all know that many would prefer sleeping on their Sunday morning!


A &K: Why do you think it’s important for youth to be involved in March for Babies?

Dylan: March for Babies truly shows what the March of Dimes is all about, and I can’t wait to participate for years to come… but I also like volunteering online.  It never rains on Facebook!

8 Apr

FCCLA “Spins” to Help Babies!

Posted by Volunteers

I’m not talking about the popular fitness class or bicycle racing or even the old fashion wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on. Family Career and Community Leaders of America in Three Forks, Montana spun something much sweeter to help the babies.


At home basketball games, students attached facts about prematurity and the March of Dimes to bags of cotton candy and sold them to benefit the March of Dimes. They also sold popcorn and collected spare change from students in their school. These sharp students realized that home basketball games were a happening place to be in their community and they used this to their fundraising advantage.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

Are you turning a hometown tradition into a fundraising opportunity? Have you spotted where the people are and taken your March for Babies ask there? We’d love to hear about how you’re reaching your community and helping all babies!

3 Apr

Future Business Leaders of America members in Connecticut showed their excitement for March for Babies at their state conference this past Monday. These high school students came to the March of Dimes booth prepared with questions about fundraising, awareness, and bringing the message of healthy babies into their schools. We’ve gleaned some tips from students & advisors and thought we would share how to get your FBLA or PBL chapter on the fundraising bandwagon:

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm! Especially if it comes from the student leaders or advisors. If the leadership sets an excited tone, chances are the members will catch the fervor.

Speak from the heart. Find out if there is someone in your club who has been affected by the mission of the March of Dimes and is willing to share his or her story.

Make a plan. Set goals and be strategic in planning your fundraising event. Consider what resources your community has and how you can use those to help give every baby a healthy start!

6 Mar

Lunch Wednesday at the March of Dimes National Office was anything but ordinary. Sheryl Underwood, International Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., was on site to share how she & the Zetas are going to increase their efforts to help every baby be born healthy!

President Sheryl Underwood greets March of Dimes staff Sandra Allen & LaVonia Anderson

President Sheryl Underwood greets March of Dimes staff Sandra Allen & LaVonia Anderson

The March of Dimes has worked with Zeta Phi Beta for over thirty years, and has had a great partnership with the sorority’s involvement in the Stork’s Nest program & in March for Babies. I was particularly excited, however, to hear President Underwood’s enthusiasm for working with youth populations. Zeta Phi Beta has Archonettes, Amicettes, and Pearlettes youth groups, and President Underwood has fantastic ideas & energy to reach these young women with the message of living a healthy lifestyle.


I can’t wait to engage new volunteers in education, fundraising, & youth leadership! Are you working with students to encourage healthy lifestyles? Or do you have an adult advisor whose enthusiasm for young people volunteering is contagious? We’d love to hear about it! A big thank you to President Sheryl Underwood and to all youth advisors who provide vision & encouragement in promoting youth volunteerism.

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