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11 Apr
Online Fundraising

Email Signature Badges

Posted by Online Fundraising

Do you use the email signature badge to fundraise? The email signature badge is a cool tool that, when installed, appears at the bottom of the emails you send from your email account. It automatically updates with your fundraising bar and links back to your personal page.

But did you know there are now two types of email signature badges? The first is a standard badge that anyone can use. The second is for folks who are dedicated to raising more than $1000 for March for Babies.

So check them out by logging into your March for Babies account and clicking on “Get Your Custom Fundraising Badge” on your dashboard.
They are a great way to help extend your fundraising efforts!

Having trouble? Let us know and we will help you out!

7 Apr

Reasons Why People Give

Posted by Linda
Getting ready to walk!

Getting ready to walk!

We bump into each other. You mention that you’re walking in March for Babies this year and maybe I want to help out?

Let’s assume I can, and will. Obviously I’m a nice person, but I just may have a couple of other reasons to give you a donation.

1. I can use the tax deduction, either that or I’m in a hurry

2. I know you, I like you and I want to help

3. I am touched by your story and want to help

4. I want to feel good about myself and you’ve just given me the opportunity

5. I feel I have a lot to be thankful for and want to give back

6. I like doing something that could change a baby’s life

7. I have always given to the March of Dimes – this was an easy sell

8. I feel connected and want to be a part of this community

If I’m a number 1, take the money and run (okay, thank me first). Number 2-5, you want to treat me right. If I can, I will certainly help you again next year. Number 6-8? This is what you need to find out!

You told me something about yourself, now try to learn something about me. Who knows, you may end up with a new walker and fundraiser on your team. And you can help me find other opportunities to contribute.

Many of you have commented on this blog how donations are great, but people want to help out in other ways, too. Just like you are doing.

Did you shoot for a donor and end up with an active supporter?

4 Apr

I can’t tell you how many times I come to to look up a friend’s personal page and their URL goes right out of my head. Thank goodness for the search box on the home page! It is one of the easiest ways to find a personal page on

All walkers have the option of hiding or showing your page in the search results. Do you show up? To check your settings:

  1. 1. Login to your account
  2. 2. Go to your personal dashboard
  3. 3. Click EDIT PROFILE
  4. 4. Scroll down to the bottom and choose “Show my personal page in March for Babies search results?” (Yes/No)
  5. 5. Save your changes
30 Mar

It is almost April and March for Babies walks are starting soon! Why do you walk?

28 Mar
Online Fundraising

What to do with Cash and Checks

Posted by Online Fundraising

You probably experienced how easy and fun it is to receive online donations. Don’t you just love those e-mails that tell you you’ve got another donation?

So, what do with any checks or cash you receive? You have a couple of options:

1. Bring them with you the day of your walk and hand them in at the event
2. Mail the donations to your state’s chapter office ahead of time
3. If you’re walking with your company team, there may be a Bank Day at your office
Regardless of which option you choose, don’t forget to add the cash/check donations to your March for Babies page and print a copy of your sponsor form.

To add/check check donations manually, log on. Click on the “view sponsor form” tab. Click the “add cash/check” donations section – you’ll have to scroll down.

In the pop-up window, enter the donor’s information and amount (we’ll need an e-mail address to send them an e-mail confirmation/receipt). Select “yes” in the “received” section to mark the donation as being received (the donation will not appear on your progress bar until you do this this). Click “submit” and repeat for any other checks or cash donations.

To print your sponsor form, click the “view sponsor form” link. Select the “printer-friendly form.”

14 Mar

Sometimes the hardest part about fundraising is getting started. I know for me, making the initial ask of someone–especially someone I may not have been in touch with for a while–can be a little tough.

This may be the reason why so many people use our animated e-card to break the ice. Have you see it? It’s fun, funny and best of all, you can personalize it with your own message and your own (or your baby’s), slightly out of proportion, head!

Be warned: this may cause laughter and donations!

7 Mar

Is this your first March for Babies, or are you a seasoned veteran? When it comes to fundraising, I think most of us can use some new ideas.

  • Tell your story – Nothing inspires people to give like your personal story. Tell your potential donors who you’re walking for, how they can help and how much that would mean to you.

  • Ease into it – Ask your family first, and your closest friends. Once you feel confident, reach out to your coworkers, doctor, your kids’ teachers, etc.

  • Set your giving options – Did you know you can customize the gift amounts people see on your fundraising page? A higher suggested gift may encourage people to increase their donation.

  • Go offine – Raising money online is the most effective and easiest way to increase your goal. But there are probably people you know who are not on your Facebook, or who you have no e-mail for. Do ask in person, and use our printable badges.
3 Mar

March for Babies is right around the corner! If you’ve walked before, you’ve probably figured out some of the things that work for you. But we can all use a little inspiration, right?

Are you walking with your co-workers?

• Ask your boss to offer up incentives like a prime parking spot or day off. Raffle them among people who raise $200.
• Create a “Wall of Fame” and highlight everyone who raises more than $200.
• Promote some competition between departments – which team has the most walkers and who wins on dollars?

Are you walking with family and friends?

• Ask everyone on the team to help raise money, even if you know a lot of the same people.
• Reach out to your Facebook friends, and ask them to share your request with their friends.
• Dedicate your Facebook status to anyone who gives you a donation over a certain amount.

Speaking of Facebook… have you checked out our active community yet? Everyone is talking about March for Babies. Stop by for tips from folks who are walking – and share your own!

You can also follow us on Twitter!

5 Mar
Online Fundraising

Fundraise for March for Babies in Facebook

Posted by Online Fundraising

Way back in 2008, we developed our first Facebook app. The app made it easy to show your support for March for Babies and to fundraise on Facebook. We made some improvements last year and were very excited to see that tens of thousands of people are using it!

This year we’ve made the app even better (with more on the way, but, shhhh! it is still super top secret). You can now register for March for Babies, upload your picture, change your personal story and update your goal without ever leaving Facebook! You can also invite your Facebook friends, see your sponsor messages and see how your help supports babies. The app will even update your status for you if you’d like to let others know you are raising money for March for Babies!

The best part is that if you installed the app already you’ll automatically be upgraded to the new version! Haven’t installed it yet? Just go here.

If you run into any trouble installing the app or you have any questions, just drop us a line here and we will get it all figured out.

Stay tuned, there are some more great improvements on the way!

22 Jan
Online Fundraising

New Tools, New Pages, New Year!

Posted by Online Fundraising

A big hello to all those folks who are re-registering or walking in March for Babies for the first time!

I just wanted to take a few moments to point out some of the tools we have for you on the March for Babies site.

First, if you are a team captain, of a company team or a family team, we’ve got some new materials for you. Just click on over to the “Company Teams” or “Family Teams” tab and scroll down to the toolbox ¬– download your guide, FAQs, posters, the works.  You can also go to our “Spread the Word” tab to get some banners and fundraising badges for e-mail or your Web site.

And if you ever get stuck or have questions, you can always contact us here.

Happy fundraising!

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