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20 Feb

We wish our National Ambassador Nina Centofanti a very happy birthday today! Eight years ago Nina was born too soon and needed significant medical treatments to survive. Watch the video above to hear her family’s emotional and inspiring story.

19 Feb

CineMama is Here!

Posted by Linda

Women can create a time-lapse video of their pregnancy – and get health tips along the way – through a new, free, interactive iPhone app called CineMama available from the March of Dimes.

Time-lapse pregnancy slideshows and videos are an emerging trend among expecting parents as a way of creating a digital keepsake of their pregnancy to share with loved ones. Through CineMama, the March of Dimes will tap into that trend to share its important health information.

“CineMama is a fun way for us to reach women and let them know that healthy babies are worth the wait,” said Patricia Goldman, March of Dimes, vice president and chief marketing officer. “Moms-to-be will be rewarded with a complete video diary of their pregnancy when they use this app.”

CineMama allows expecting moms to take and upload their photos to the web, easily turn the still pictures into a video, and share it all through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. CineMama will prompt women to record the ups and downs of their pregnancy, as well as important milestones in a diary that can easily be shared.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes at: It links to the March of Dimes free, interactive iPad magazine “My 9 Months” available from the iTunes store at: It also links to where the new March of Dimes “Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby” book can be ordered.

CineMama is an expansion of the March of Dimes “Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait” public awareness and consumer education campaign, which focuses on the importance of a full term pregnancy.

The campaign encourages women to wait for labor to begin on its own and health care providers to not schedule a delivery before at least 39 weeks of pregnancy, unless there is a medical necessity. Important development of the brain, lungs and other organs occur during the last weeks of pregnancy. Additional information is available at

12 Feb

Did you know that March for Babies has a Facebook application where you can send messages, fundraise, and more?

How it works:

Visit the app on Facebook and login with your March for Babies information. If you haven’t created an account, you can also do that on the app!

From here you’ll be taken to your fundraising dashboard – your one stop shop for fundraising! You can:

• Invite people to join your team
• Post to your own wall
• Post to Friends’ walls
• Tweet about your fundraising page
• Send emails

But that’s not all! By visiting the other tabs including tools, my walk, and Q&A you can get resources to help you with your goals, information about your local walk, and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

March for Babies is gearing up – now is the time to register and start your teams! The March for Babies Facebook app is an easy way to get started. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

5 Feb

Many of you know that MOD’s News Moms Need daily blog provides important information on a variety of topics – from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn care and more. We are really pleased to announce that NMN has a new weekly series, every Wednesday on Delays and disabilities – how to get help for your child.  The series began January 16th and provides a step by step guide on what to do if you suspect or know that your child needs help in any area, such as speaking, walking, or learning. A child may need extra help at any time in his life, whether he was born preterm or not.

The blog is written by Barbara Carr, one of MOD’s Health Education Specialists in EHP, and the parent of a special needs child. Her knowledge of the “system” as well as her personal “been there” experience is a life line to other parents. The first few blog posts have generated a lot of excitement:

“I am definitely looking forward to reading this series. We will soon begin navigating the Kindergarten and elementary school Special Ed services for my son—-. I am sure Barb’s blog will have lots of useful information. Thanks so much!”

“As someone with a preemie who is now a preteen and over 5 feet tall it is often easy to forget that she was born so premature. She preforms well in school for the most part but there are still some lingering side effects from her early birth. This will be an amazing addition to Share and I can not wait.”

“This blog is going to help a lot of folks learn about what to do/when and empower them to ask questions, lots of them. I am so excited!!!”

“I am so thankful for this series…so many parents just go home with no idea of what to do and I have found that many pediatricians don’t even know about early intervention.”

Please pass the word on to all the parents you know – it is invaluable information.  It appears every Wednesday on the News Moms Need blog and also is posted on our Facebook page as well as within our Share Your Story community. If you have suggestions or questions about the topic, please send them to

29 Jan

From our News Moms Need Blog:

Looking for a great gift for someone pregnant or thinking about pregnancy? Order a copy of HEALTHY MOM, HEALTHY BABY, brought to you by the March of Dimes! This new book clearly lays out all the must-know information about every stage of pregnancy, along with research-based advice to help stay healthy and full of energy!

Written by obstetrician gynecologist and medical advisor to the March of Dimes Siobhan Dolan, M.D. and award-winning health writer Alice Lesch Kelly, HEALTHY MOM, HEALTHY BABY (HarperOne; February 2013: Trade Paperback Original) is designed for women at all stages of pregnancy. It provides the most accurate, up-to-date pregnancy health information including information you need before pregnancy, throughout nine months, and into the newborn period. HEALTHY MOM, HEALTHY BABY is a practical, accessible, friendly guide with clear explanations, research-based recommendations, and sensible advice for the healthiest pregnancy possible, and explains the latest advances in:

• Prenatal testing
• Pregnancy nutrition
• Fitness recommendations
• Breastfeeding
• Infant screening and care
• Making your home environment safe
• Managing postpartum symptoms.

The book also provides practical advice every mom-to-be wants quick access to, including:

• A month by month guide showing your baby’s development
• A comprehensive checklist for labor, delivery and beyond
• A glossary of terms women are likely to hear over the course of their pregnancy
• A list of resources for specific circumstances (i.e. pregnant athletes; moms of multiples; and those lacking health insurance).

Learn more here.

8 Aug

Shop for a Cause!

Spread the word! We’re so excited, we couldn’t wait to tell you! The March of Dimes is the exclusive national beneficiary of Macy’s Shop For A Cause program again this year! The best part? Buy a $5 savings pass in-store August 15 through Shop For A Cause Day on August 25th, and you can use it to get some of the best discounts of the year just in time for back to school! Join our Facebook event and spread the word so your friends and family can get in on the savings, too!

9 May

Photo by Karl Wint Photography

New York City’s celebrity chairs, Eli Manning and Venus Williams got thousands of walkers, families, and corporate teams excited about March for Babies in Manhattan! Official Broadcast TV sponsor, WCBS-TV, provided coverage all morning as thousands of teams, families, and corporate partners stepped off near Lincoln Center on Sunday, April 29th. Tennis star Venus Williams and NY Giants offensive lineman David Diehl led the walk and were joined by day-time television legend Susan Lucci, her daughter, Sage Spoonfuls founder, Liza Huber and Dora The Explorer.

Congratulations to New York City and a million thanks to their March for Babies celebrity leaders!

30 Jan

Today marks President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 130th birthday. Thanks to our nation’s 32nd President, who founded March of Dimes, millions of women and infants have been given the gift of healthier, full-term pregnancies. President Roosevelt’s 130th birthday is a perfect time to celebrate his life-changing contributions in maternal and child health.

Efforts are underway in Congress to mint a March of Dimes commemorative coin. To do this we must secure 290 cosponsors in the House of Representatives and 67 cosponsors in the Senate. This is a steep hill to climb – urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the March of Dimes Commemorative Coin Act (S. 1935 / H.R. 3187) today!

20 Jan

The Wittstrucks on the set of Fox & Friends with fellow March of Dimes Volunteer Gretchen Carlson

The Wittstrucks on the set of Fox & Friends with fellow March of Dimes Volunteer Gretchen Carlson

The March of Dimes National Ambassador is one of the most beloved volunteers of our organization. Each year a child is chosen to serve as a volunteer for 1 full year with his or her family members. Today we are honored to share that our 2012 National Ambassador will be 5 year old Kieran Wittstruck from right outside of Seattle, Washington. Here is a little bit about their story:

“My husband, Shane, and I never once thought of pregnancy as a life-or-death event,” Shalini Wittstruck recalls. “Then one day our lives and all our expectations changed.”

Their son, Kieran, was born at 31 weeks, weighing just 3 lbs., 1 oz. He spent the first months of his life in the newborn intensive care unit (NIUC), battling anemia, jaundice, apnea, bradycardia, a heart murmur and a brain cyst. With medical advances supported by the March of Dimes, Kieran pulled through.

Now 5 years old, Kieran still flips expectations on their head. Outside his home near Seattle, he likes to ride his bike and swim. He also is a budding mechanical engineer and is always working on his next great invention. And if that wasn’t enough, he even runs his own cat spy agency: MEOWS!

From his difficult start to the creative kindergartner he is today, Kieran’s story is a happy one. “We are thankful every day for how far he has come,” says Shane.

“I didn’t think premature birth could happen to me, but it did.” says Shalini, who has served as co-chair for the Cigna March for Babies (R) team in Seattle since 2007. “We need the March of Dimes to make sure it won’t happen to you.”

As the 2012 March of Dimes National Ambassador, Kieran will travel the country with his parents, sharing his story and raising awareness. You can see Kieran and his family on the set of Fox and Friends from a visit this week, and watch their story here: 

Visit Kieran’s blog to keep up with his travels through the year at

3 Oct


“Do something you love! Keep going and don’t give up. Once you get rolling it’s the greatest time of your life.”

“Do something you love! Keep going and don’t give up. Once you get rolling it’s the greatest time of your life.”

Each year, March of Dimes Team Youth honors our youth volunteers and advisors who have gone above and beyond their duties to show devotion and support of the March of Dimes mission in their local communities. Recipients of the 2011 Team Youth Awards are volunteers from across the nation who have furthered the March of Dimes mission.


I was lucky enough to sit down (virtually) with the 2011 March of Dimes Outstanding Chapter Youth Volunteer to discuss her passion and dedication for the March of Dimes. Annalisa  Sega is an incoming sophomore at Southington High School in Connecticut and was named the Hartford County’s Outstanding Teen 2011 in the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization. 


Annalisa, born prematurely at 31 weeks and weighing just 3 lbs 0.5 oz.,feels both blessed and honored to be recognized for such an high achievement from an organization she “owes her life to.


When she first started volunteering, Annalisa remembers, she wanted to give back to this amazing organization, but soon after she fell in love with the organization, the staff, and events. She even developed and executed her own event – an annual local Talent Show to benefit the March of Dimes that has welcomed a huge crowd, selling out tickets every year, since being implemented only three years ago.


Sharing her story and our mission at a local Kmart diaper drive.

Sharing her story and our mission at a local Kmart diaper drive.

She loves every experience the March of Dimes has given her and encourages all volunteers to find their passion and follow-through:

“Do something you love! If you love to bake, host a bake sale. If you love to perform, host a talent show. Keep going and don’t give up. Once you get rolling it’s the greatest time of your life.”

Annalisa’s favorite March of Dimes memory is her experience being at the

Being honored for her volunteerism. Pictured with CT Gov. M. Jodi Rell and CT March of Dimes Staff.

Being honored for her volunteerism. Pictured with CT Gov. M. Jodi Rell and CT March of Dimes Staff.

2008 March for Babies in Middletown, CT. That year, she participated with a group of 20 volunteers. During the event it started to downpour, but no one in her group stopped marching. As they reached the finish line, Annalisa noticed that cars filled with people holding March of Dimes signs stopped to watch them, the last team, cross the line. Despite the cold weather and the terrible weather conditions, everyone was smiling and excited to help this amazing organization.


As a youth volunteer, Annalisa feels the March of Dimes has helped her tremendously in preparing for the future in terms of health and education, and has given her the tools to inform and engage her peers. She knows the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle and making good choices, because she and all youth volunteers are the parents of tomorrow.


For more information on the 2012 Team Youth Awards (nominations are due May 30, 2012) or about youth volunteer opportunities, please contact



What is your favorite part about being a youth volunteer? 

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