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6 Feb

March for Babies season is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to “Kick Off” your school’s fundraising with a Kick Off! Hosting a March for Babies Kick Off is a great way to motivate your team, recruit new teams and gear up together for March for Babies!

Check out our tips and guides to help you plan a successful event. Feel free to customize your Kick Off to better fit your location and team – and for even more resources, be sure to check out the 2014 March for Babies Team Captains Guide (available now!).

Meet with a March of Dimes staff person before, during and after the kick‐off. They may be able to help you with additional advice and resources. You can find your local March of Dimes chapter here or by visiting and selecting “contact us” at the bottom of the page.

Secure a location, such as a school gym, park, or recreation center. Remember to keep in mind the amount of people you are planning to invite and ensure the space is the right size to accommodate everyone. Interested in reaching your entire class, organization or even school? With administration approval, host the Kick Off during school hours (either in class or part of a school-wide assembly), or at your organization’s next meeting.

Find an emcee/host — this could be a local celebrity or leader in your school/organization. Even if they aren’t the emcee, invite your class president, your school mascot, or another influential person in your community to attend.

Invite past March for Babies participants and teams (youth and adult), March of Dimes staff members, and local organizations, schools & press to attend.

Remember the mission. Let people know that they are supporting a great cause: stronger, healthier babies. Invite a family connected to our mission to speak at your event, or show our National Ambassador’s story. Are you walking for a specific family or child and/or is someone in your organization connected to our mission? Encourage them to share their story.

Include entertainment. Invite talented individuals and groups in your community to donate their time for our mission. Ask the high school or college cheerleading squad or dance team to perform.

Secure food donations from local restaurants or other sources. Ask local stores for goody bags with donations. Provide free publicity to those who donated by putting their name/logo in the program, invitations and/or displayed at the event.

Build in time for interaction providing opportunity for teams, old and new, to meet, network and share ideas.

Provide resources and materials to all team captains and make sure all participants know how to raise money.

Setup a laptop station to give attendees, who haven’t had the opportunity, to register or join a team.

9 Apr

March for Babies Rocks!

Posted by Linda

Just ask Dee Snider! The former Twisted Sister front man and March of Dimes spokesperson stopped by National Office to get everyone excited.


This cause is special to Dee – two of own his children were born too soon. He normally comes out for Bikers for Babies, so having him show up for March for Babies was a special treat!


Dee travels with an entourage. Picture this: a sea of chrome by the front entrance and lots of leather in the cafeteria. Not exactly business as usual for us at the March of Dimes, but it sure was a lot of fun!


Of course he rocked the house, or rather, the resource room:



Thanks Dee, we love you!

27 Feb

Can We Fix It?

Posted by Linda

Yes we can! Yesterday, we kicked off March for Babies ’09 at the national office! Our “construction theme” was inspired by this Sunday’s very special edition of Extreme Makeover. It was also a wonderful excuse to wear checkered flannel.


We had a great time! Led by their team captains, departments faced off in skits and we heard some very creative, baby-inspired songs.


Things got a little emotional too, when two co-workers came up to share their stories. Mom-to-be Vicky got us all choked up talking about her “little nugget” and all those things a pregnant mom worries about – I remember all too well.


The tissues came out for real when Lori spoke about her adorable son Ethan who was born with a birth defect. It’s so powerful to hear these stories. You realize this is much more than just a job for the people who work at the March of Dimes.


If you’re walking with your company and haven’t had your kick-off yet, get involved! It’s a difficult year to raise money. But there are babies and families who are counting on us. A kick-off is the perfect way to motivate everyone. Get some friendly competition going between departments! Share your ’09 March for Babies goal with the team!


And don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing for your kick-off this year, or how it was!

24 Feb
Peter and Lane

Peter and Lane

With a 2-year-old who’s been staying up way too late, I don’t get to watch much TV. But here’s one show I always try to catch: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I love it and rarely keep it dry. And I don’t expect to do so this Sunday either.


The family that’s featured is one of our own: The Augustins from Keller, Texas. Their family team, Lane’s Light, is walking in March for Babies for the 5th time this year!


In 2004, Amber and Peter had two healthy children and a new baby on the way. Then, Lane arrived, too soon and too small. But he was a fighter, and after four weeks in the NICU, Lane came home.


Amber’s not just a mom, she’s also a talented photographer. During her time in the NICU, she noticed how few families were taking pictures. Yet, she also knew how important it is to have these lasting memories.


Amber started her own photo studio from her home: “Tiny Works of Heart.” In the NICU, she captures the first, and sometimes last moments of the tiniest babies. But a flood destroyed the family’s home and Amber’s studio, limiting her ability to help…


Move that bus!

Move that bus!

You guessed it, Ty and the crew go to Keller, just outside of Ft. Worth, to tear down Amber and Peter’s flood damaged house and build them a brand new dream home! Don’t miss it: ABC, March 1, 8-9 PM ET.


If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, come to the special March for Babies viewing party at The Met Church. They’re expecting more than 1,500 March for Babies fans!

12 Feb

Texas Rocks!

Posted by Linda

So they do things a little bigger in Texas than we do here in White Plains, NY. Last week, Dallas kicked off their March for Babies season with a breakfast event at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel. More than 1,200 people showed up for the eggs and bacon – and the cause. And 30,000 people will be walking on March for Babies day!


We were there with some people from the national office, enjoying the show and taking notes. The Mayor of Dallas said a couple of words. And the Criders, the Dallas Ambassador family, shared the touching story of their premature twins. A high school marching band from the Garland Central School District dropped by. These students and their faculty really care: they raised $173.000 last year! Oh, and everyone got to see the 2009 March for Babies video. You could hear a pin drop! Check it out here.


Also in the audience were team captains and walkers from a ton a key companies in Northern Texas. Many have been with us for years and are upping the ante for 2009 – with more walkers more dollars to help babies born in Texas and across the country! Macy’s was there with 200 very enthusiastic employees. And Texas Health Resources was present: their CEO, Doug Hawthorne, is the March for Babies Chair in Dallas/Ft. Worth!


Congratulations to the Dallas Division for putting together this amazing event. I know one thing: if you’re walking in Dallas, you have something to look forward to!

30 Jan

Purple Super Bowl

Posted by Linda

Are you doing something big for the Super Bowl this Sunday? Ok, if you’re an Arizona Cardinals or Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that was probably a rhetorical question…


Confession time: four years ago, I couldn’t even have told you what sport the Super Bowl was. And honestly, I didn’t care either. But then I moved here (yes, I do have an excuse – ask me anything about soccer). I’ve gotten a crash course in all things American and will enjoy a good Super Bowl party with the best of them.


Last year, we were invited to my friend Peggy’s house. From the decorations to the food and drinks, she’d really gone all out. I remember I made spinach dip and was kind of embarrassed to even put it down. This affair was catered at a whole different level!


She had a Super Bowl pool as well. Feeling lucky, we picked 4 boxes at $40 and left with $120 which wasn’t bad at all. Are you doing a pool? Why not make the Super Bowl the official start of your March for Babies season? The easiest thing is a 50/50 split between prizes and donation.


After the game, even if your team lost, at least the babies won. What say you… inspired?

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