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19 Feb

Today’s post comes from Astrid, a student at the University of Arizona and a member of our National Youth Council. Astrid has been an avid March of Dimes volunteer for years!

How do you plan to kickoff your March for Babies campaign this year? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Start your personal online fundraising campaign. Hopefully you have already signed up at! Personalize your profile and add a March for Babies banner to your email template or Facebook page so that others can see your progress. Set a realistic yet optimistic personal fundraising goal. It is the start of a new decade, but saving babies never gets old. Send emails to your friends, family, teachers, and acquaintances. Every dollar, and even every dime helps, and many people are incredibly generous.

Involve others. If you are part of a March of Dimes club or organization, encourage group fundraising and goal-setting. When I was in high school, we held a very popular ‘Mile of Dimes’ coin drive each year before March for Babies. We not only held the coin drives in our high school, but also in the local elementary and middle schools. Classes became competitive, and we were able to raise thousands of dollars each year. Change can go a long way!

Personalize. Although we live in the era of technology, sometimes it is better to be old-fashioned. Close family friends may appreciate the personal touch of a letter and be more inclined to take action- all through the help of paper, envelopes, and stamps! Be sure to mention that donations can be made online or through the mail, whichever is most convenient for them.

Go farther. Take your fundraising beyond your family, connections and school. Visit local businesses and ask for donations. Even if companies aren’t willing to donate, sometimes they will allow you to place a coin jar on the counter in their lobby or reception area. Dentists’ offices, nail salons, local eateries and other such businesses are great places to approach for this type of fundraising. Be sure to bring a letter along with you explaining your purpose. Also, set a pickup schedule for each location every week.

Don’t be discouraged. Fundraising can be difficult. However, if people see that you are passionate about something, they will be moved. Remember: even if someone doesn’t donate, you have still educated him or her about the March of Dimes and its mission: healthy and happy babies. That is extremely important.

Be creative. Try a new fundraiser. Reach out to others in an original way, and don’t forget to share your success stories with us! Visit to not only learn new ideas, but also share your great campaigning tips with others. Good luck!

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