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4 May

We’re Counting on You!

Posted by Linda
©Amber McNamara, Kalamazoo, MI

©Amber McNamara, Kalamazoo, MI

All you walkers and fundraisers out there, I know you’ve done so much already… but we still need your help! 


It’s really no surprise, but March for Babies is feeling the economic crunch. Despite everyone’s best efforts, we’re $3 million short of our online fundraising goal.


I just found out about this number and all I can think about is what a huge amount of money that is. And then I think about how much we could do with that money to help babies and families.


The March of Dimes has already cut several million in research grants. Now it looks like that may have been just the beginning.


Unless we do something now. And we can. Yes, $3 million is big. But if we all join together, it’s not that much!


$20 from every March for Babies participant is all it takes to reach our goal. $20, made as a donation to your own walk. Even if you’ve already reached your goal. It’s all it takes.


You guys, I have never asked you to do anything I’m not doing myself also. I gave my $20, please join me!


I’m counting on you, we’re counting on you. And most of all, the babies are. Help give them the chance they deserve.

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