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11 Feb

Walk the Dog?

Posted by Linda
March for Babies doggie patrol in NY

March for Babies doggie patrol in NY

Last week, we were talking about bringing babies and young children to the walk. I’m not a pet owner myself, but I should have seen this one coming: what about dogs? The question came from Sheesh who’s walking in Newport Beach, Ca, and wanted to know if puppies were welcome.

I did some asking around and while there are no hard and fast rules about bringing dogs, here’s what I found out.


The main thing: consider Buster’s personality. Is he used to noise? Being around lots of people? Small children? Other animals? You know your dog better than anyone, but even you can’t predict exactly how he’ll react under a new set of circumstances.Sadly, there have been some accidents at our walks – and both dogs and children have been hurt. And then there’s something else to think about: will you be doing your dog a favor by bringing him along?


If you do bring your dog, make sure all her vaccinations are up to date. And don’t forget to pack supplies: her leash, water and bowl, toys, snacks and anything you need to clean up after her. Some walk sites have special pet areas, water and other supplies available, but others won’t offer anything. Avoid surprises, give your chapter a call and know what to expect.


Remember, there are people who are just irrationally terrified of even the tamest, tiniest puppy (my mom). And there are those who feel very strongly that dogs and babies don’t mix. You don’t have to agree, but it won’t hurt to be considerate. So make sure you control your dog and keep her close.


Oh, and have fun. Woof!

9 Dec

The Results Are In!

Posted by Linda

Doesn’t March for Babies ’08 feel like ages ago? It sort of was. Our walk (my first!) in White Plains was in April. And here we are, getting ready for another amazing March for Babies. But first things first. Because I’ve got some numbers I just have to share…


You rallied your families, your friends and your co-workers and you walked – more than half a million of you! You walked in the rain in New York. You braved the morning chill in Baltimore. And you took out the sun block in Kansas City. You walked in places I’ve never heard of (sorry about that). You walked a total of 3 million miles. Let me repeat that for you: 3 million miles! If my math is not too far off, that’s something like 120 trips around the world – or 6 trips to the moon and back!


It’s only natural to get shy asking for money (I know I do). But when you’re asking for babies, apparantly not so much! Here’s my favorite number: you raised $115 million in March for Babies ’08! And that money will go a long way helping babies and their families.


May I just say: wow! And, thank you.


Oh, and just so you know… you kind of raised the bar there for 2009! Are you psyched yet?

2 Dec

Our New Home

Posted by Linda

We’re live! I can’t tell you how excited we all are. And a little relieved as well, now that we can finally catch up on some sleep.


Last year, many of you told us about your experience. You let us know how we could make March for Babies better. And you gave us some great feedback on our Web site.


Thanks so much for that! It’s all of you who give March for Babies its heart and soul and make it a success.  Really, we’re just here to help.


We made a lot of improvements to the March for Babies site. It’s now easier to raise money and promote your walk online. We’ve uploaded great resources for you to use if you’re starting a team this year – which, by the way, you absolutely should! And we’re putting anything new and noteworthy right on our homepage so you can’t miss it.


The first thing you noticed was probably our new look. I can’t take credit for that, but kudos to my colleagues. I just love it!


Here’s what we can’t wait to hear… what do you think of our new site?

1 Dec

Hi, I’m Angela, March for Babies resident blogger. I’ll be reporting from HQ and will keep you informed of anything interesting that comes our way. I hope you’ll return the favor and let me know what’s going on for March for Babies in your neck of the woods!


Being on the March for Babies team, this is pretty much all I’ve been doing for the last few months and the event has sort of become my baby. So when I get a little excited: hey, I’m just a proud mama!


Speaking of… I’m the real-life proud mom of Haden, my 2-year-old. After spending our deliciously chaotic first year together at home, I swapped duties with his dad and started working as a writer at the March of Dimes. I love going to work in the morning as much as I love coming home to my boys at night!


Last year, I walked my very first March for Babies — with Haden and my husband Sam. Oh, and I raised $1000 to help babies. Considering the fact that I have a hard time remembering my last fundraising effort, I’ll admit I was feeling pretty proud. Now I’m hooked and determined to do even better this year!

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