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21 Mar

Fundraising 101!

Posted by Linda

We hope you’re excited about 2014 March for Babies! It’s Fundraising Friday, and we recommend you check out our Fundraising Companion video, which is full of helpful tips!

Every dollar you raise in March for Babies helps support research and programs that help moms, babies, and families.

If you haven’t yet, register and start your fundraising today!

31 Jan

Signed up for the March for Babies 2014 walk? Great! Now it’s time to ask your family and friends to support your walk.

The March for Babies website has some really great tools that you can use once you are logged in: email, social sharing, E-cards, etc.

But, you don’t have to be logged in to ask people to donate if you learn the link to your page. The link to your page is super easy to remember: the first part is the second part is your username and when you put a slash between the two – viola – you have the link to your March for Babies page:

• You can Text or Tweet the link
• You can type the link in your favorite social site posts
• You can add the link to your email signature
• You can write the link on your business card and give to someone – any time you’re talking about walking, you can write the link down and give to the person so they can go donate

We’d love for you to login to and/or use the apps to do your fundraising – but as long as you LEARN YOUR LINK, you don’t have to login to fundraise!

Want to walk in March for Babies but haven’t yet signed up? You can register by selecting either Join a Team, Start a Team or Find an Event on to get you started!

Have questions? Contact the OFT Help Desk at or 888-274-3711

11 Apr
Maximize your contacts, encourage donations, and motivate your team to reach your March for Babies goal!

Maximize your contacts, encourage donations, and motivate your team to reach your March for Babies goal!

Looking for ways to boost your fundraising efforts? Not sure how to motivate your members to reach your team goal? Check out these tips and strategies to help you reach (and excced) your individual and team fundraising goals! And remember, every chance you interact with someone is an opportunity to promote your passion and dedication for stronger, healthier babies, and an excellent way to encourage someone to support our mission.

Maximize Your Contacts:
Utilize email signatures and badges to expand your network. Include fundraising badges in your email signature and use banners on your website, blog or Facebook page to promote your efforts to friends and families.

Update everyone on how close you are to your goal to encourage additional donations. Send emails and letters to those who already donated thanking them for their support and updating them on your fundraising efforts. Follow up with people who were interested in donating, but haven’t yet committed. Use benchmarks in updates and on social media, such as “I’m just three $10 donations from my goal!”

Encourage Donations Everywhere You Go:
Download the iPhone & Android App to take your fundraising with you. Tap your way to your best campaign by seeing up-to-the minute online donations, adding cash and check donations and getting the latest information on March for Babies all from your mobile device.

Accept credit cards, in addition to cash and checks, by utilizing the mobile March for Babies website, in order to give people more options to donate.

Keep Your Team Motivated:
Send updates to your team every week and include both the team’s progress and share stories from those with a connection to our mission, such as our National Ambassador’s Story. If your team is walking for a specific family, include a special message from the family.

Build team spirit by setting up a day to make signs and t-shirts for the day of walk. Arrange for a pre-March for Babies pizza party or outing. Go the extra mile and offer a party as a reward to the whole team if you collectively reach your goal.

Highlight members (fundraising leaders, those who received matching gifts, and/or members who reached a specific milestone in fundraising) through word of mouth, print and at your next team meeting. Create competition by awarding those who raise a certain amount of donations by a specific date with free coffee or homemade baked goods.

Remember, your efforts and the donations raised are helping babies, everywhere. Remind donors that by donating to your walk they are giving to those who are too young and too little to ask for it.

Now let’s hear from you:
What advice do you have for teams and individuals trying to reach their goals?

20 Mar
Online Fundraising

Make a Donation to Your Page

Posted by Online Fundraising

Our March for Babies Fundraising Guru, Zoe, shows first time fundraiser, Chris, how to make a donation to his March for Babies Fundraising page.

Watch the video and learn why making a donation to your own page is one of the best ways to kick off your March for Babies fundraising!

14 Mar

Looking for some great ways to make your fundraising efforts stand out? Here are some creative ideas and best practices to help you maximize your fundraising efforts and get your friends excited about donating to your March for Babies team.

Use colorful envelopes to make your letters stand out!

Ask in a special way – Make your letters and emails to potential donors personal in order to get a larger response. If you are sending letters use colorful envelopes that are impossible to ignore. Remember to share photos of your team and the reasons you are walking in your letters, emails and on your social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter).

Share something sweet – Make cookies or other baked goods to thank your friends and family members for donating. Go one step further and bring baked goods or candy to school or work (with permission) and sell them for donations.

Offer incentives - Offer to drive your friends to school or work, carry your friends’ books to class, or clean out your friends’ locker in exchange for a donation to your March for Babies team.

Create competition - Challenge your friends and family members to see who can get the most people to donate to your team’s page. Encourage them to ask teachers, coworkers and friends to make a contribution. Make the challenge public and you will see even greater success!


Thank everyone for their support!

Say thank you –Thank everyone for supporting stronger, healthier babies through Facebook and Twitter, in person and/or through email. With administrative approval, publicly thank those who have donated by making an announcement at the beginning or end of a class or even make announcements to the entire school! The more public the thank-you, the better! You will show your appreciation and thanks to those who have contributed and may also encourage others to donate as well.

Be creative and think outside the box! Ask your friends and family members for input and ideas. And remember to let those who donated know that all donations are supporting stronger, healthier babies! For more fundraising ideas and best practices, check out our School & Youth Team Tips: Fundraising video.

Now let’s hear from you!
How do you make your fundraising stand out?

12 Feb

Did you know that March for Babies has a Facebook application where you can send messages, fundraise, and more?

How it works:

Visit the app on Facebook and login with your March for Babies information. If you haven’t created an account, you can also do that on the app!

From here you’ll be taken to your fundraising dashboard – your one stop shop for fundraising! You can:

• Invite people to join your team
• Post to your own wall
• Post to Friends’ walls
• Tweet about your fundraising page
• Send emails

But that’s not all! By visiting the other tabs including tools, my walk, and Q&A you can get resources to help you with your goals, information about your local walk, and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

March for Babies is gearing up – now is the time to register and start your teams! The March for Babies Facebook app is an easy way to get started. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

27 Apr

Make Your Fundraising Stand Out!

Posted by Volunteers

Fundraising gives you the opportunity to be creative and unique! While asking your friends and family to donate to your March for Babies campaign, it’s great to keep things fresh and exciting. Here are a few fun ways to make your fundraising stand out!

Add incentives! Motivate your friends by promising creative goods or service in exchange for their donation. Trade exercise for funds. Offer to do 10 push-ups or sit-ups for every $1 donated. Carry a friend’s books for an entire day in exchange for a $10 donation.

Post baby photos! They can be March of Dimes related or your personal baby photos! Anything that can make your posts and e-mails more eye catching is great.

Promote your goal! People like to be able to help you get there. Don’t be afraid to increase your goal as you reach your first, second, or even third fundraising goal.

Add a personal touch to your letters!

Add a personal touch to your letters!

Write unique and personalized letters! Include fun items to make them eye catching. Include stickers or photos!!

Have friends help get the word out! Ask a friend who donated to post this donation on Facebook with a message encouraging their friends to do the same.

Grab their attention! Use the animated E-Cards, banners, and the Facebook application to help get attention! All of these and more can be found at

Remember, going the extra mile can make all the difference in your fundraising!

Now lets hear from you!
How have you gone the extra mile with fundraising?

24 Apr

Today’s special volunteer guest post comes from a top youth volunteer, our National Youth Council Chair Taylor!

As we near the home-stretch of March for Babies, there is still time to get in more donations and there are a number of resources out there to help you continue to fundraise up until the day of the March and even after!

Resource # 1: E-mail potential sponsors via your March for Babies personal fundraising link. When you are logged into your account at, it provides you a sample letter that gives all the official information about March of Dimes but it also gives you the opportunity to customize and personalize the letter to share why you are walking, your team/individual goals, and how long you have been involved!

Check out your individual and team online fundraising pages for even more resources!

These resources and more are available at!

Resource # 2: For extra fundraising visibility, put a fundraising badge on your e-mail signature. Everyone you e-mail can track your progress. This gives your page extra exposure with every e-mail you send! Those who have already e-mailed may even be inclined to donate again to help you reach your goal.

Resource # 3: Already sent a fundraising e-mail out but have not received a donation from certain friends or family? Consider mixing it up and sending an animated e-card! These are a fun and innovative way to engage your audience! Consider sending in the middle of the week to brighten someone’s day!

These resources and many more are available right at your fingertips from your March for Babies fundraising page and at

Now we want to hear from you!
What are your favorite March for Babies fundraising tools?
How do you engage potential donors?

4 May

Tre when he was born

Today’s guest post comes to us from Thomas Tatum, March for Babies Midwestern Regional Coordinator for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and more importantly – dad.

Born 5 years ago at 5:14 p.m. at Akron General: my son Tre Tatum. Prior to his birth, he and his mom, my wife Milistine, were spending nearly six weeks of quality time on mandatory bed rest. His Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority aunties from the Zeta Theta Omega chapter based in Akron dropped off covered dishes because they did not think Lauren’s diet, his big sister, of fast food would last. His Alpha Uncles both near and far were on constant watch to make sure his father was “Keeping His Head About Him…”

Tre’ spent about 82 days at Akron Children’s Hospital; you learn there must be trust in the professionals dedicated to seeing your son or daughter has the care they need. You develop a bond with the staff. This journey has taught us true and honest friendship enhances your quality of life.

And now, tips from Thomas – check out his own fundraising page here - to help with your March for Babies fundraising:

1. Tell why you support the March for Babies!

2. Contact everyone you do business with including your organizations and places of worship.

3. Simply put..ASK!… as it is a definite NO if you don’t.

What are your top fundraising tips this May as you get in all your final donations for March for Babies?


And look at Tre today!

8 Apr

FCCLA “Spins” to Help Babies!

Posted by Volunteers

I’m not talking about the popular fitness class or bicycle racing or even the old fashion wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on. Family Career and Community Leaders of America in Three Forks, Montana spun something much sweeter to help the babies.


At home basketball games, students attached facts about prematurity and the March of Dimes to bags of cotton candy and sold them to benefit the March of Dimes. They also sold popcorn and collected spare change from students in their school. These sharp students realized that home basketball games were a happening place to be in their community and they used this to their fundraising advantage.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

Are you turning a hometown tradition into a fundraising opportunity? Have you spotted where the people are and taken your March for Babies ask there? We’d love to hear about how you’re reaching your community and helping all babies!

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