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11 Apr
Maximize your contacts, encourage donations, and motivate your team to reach your March for Babies goal!

Maximize your contacts, encourage donations, and motivate your team to reach your March for Babies goal!

Looking for ways to boost your fundraising efforts? Not sure how to motivate your members to reach your team goal? Check out these tips and strategies to help you reach (and excced) your individual and team fundraising goals! And remember, every chance you interact with someone is an opportunity to promote your passion and dedication for stronger, healthier babies, and an excellent way to encourage someone to support our mission.

Maximize Your Contacts:
Utilize email signatures and badges to expand your network. Include fundraising badges in your email signature and use banners on your website, blog or Facebook page to promote your efforts to friends and families.

Update everyone on how close you are to your goal to encourage additional donations. Send emails and letters to those who already donated thanking them for their support and updating them on your fundraising efforts. Follow up with people who were interested in donating, but haven’t yet committed. Use benchmarks in updates and on social media, such as “I’m just three $10 donations from my goal!”

Encourage Donations Everywhere You Go:
Download the iPhone & Android App to take your fundraising with you. Tap your way to your best campaign by seeing up-to-the minute online donations, adding cash and check donations and getting the latest information on March for Babies all from your mobile device.

Accept credit cards, in addition to cash and checks, by utilizing the mobile March for Babies website, in order to give people more options to donate.

Keep Your Team Motivated:
Send updates to your team every week and include both the team’s progress and share stories from those with a connection to our mission, such as our National Ambassador’s Story. If your team is walking for a specific family, include a special message from the family.

Build team spirit by setting up a day to make signs and t-shirts for the day of walk. Arrange for a pre-March for Babies pizza party or outing. Go the extra mile and offer a party as a reward to the whole team if you collectively reach your goal.

Highlight members (fundraising leaders, those who received matching gifts, and/or members who reached a specific milestone in fundraising) through word of mouth, print and at your next team meeting. Create competition by awarding those who raise a certain amount of donations by a specific date with free coffee or homemade baked goods.

Remember, your efforts and the donations raised are helping babies, everywhere. Remind donors that by donating to your walk they are giving to those who are too young and too little to ask for it.

Now let’s hear from you:
What advice do you have for teams and individuals trying to reach their goals?

31 Mar

8 Reasons Why People Give

Posted by Linda
Getting ready to walk!

Getting ready to walk!

We bump into each other. You tell me what you’ve been up to, I tell you what I’ve been up to. Then you mention that you’re walking in March for Babies this year. Maybe I want to help out?


Let’s assume I can, and will. Obviously I’m a nice person, but I just may have a couple of other reasons to give you a donation.


1.   I can use the tax deduction, either that or I’m in a hurry

2.   I know you, I like you and I want to help

3.   I am touched by your story and want to help

4.   I want to feel good about myself and you’ve just given me the opportunity

5.   I feel I have a lot to be thankful for and want to give back

6.   I like doing something that could change a baby’s life

7.   I have always given to the March of Dimes – this was an easy sell

8.   I feel connected and want to be a part of this community


If I’m a number 1, take the money and run (okay, thank me first). Number 2-5, you want to treat me right. If I can, I will certainly help you again next year. Number 6-8? This is what you need to find out!


You told me something about yourself, now try to learn something about me. Who knows, you may end up with a new walker and fundraiser on your team. And you can help me find other opportunities to contribute.


Many of you have commented on this blog how donations are great, but people want to help out in other ways, too. Just like you are doing.


Did you shoot for a donor and end up with an active supporter?

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