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10 Jun

Kmart, our number 1 supporter, has been a top partner for more than 26 years. This March for Babies, Kmart has raised a record-breaking $10 million for healthy babies!


Kmart’s desire to help babies and the passion and compassion of Kmart customers and associates is a big inspiration.


Thank you to everyone who made their donation at the register, and to every walker on Kmart’s March for Babies team!

21 May

Thank You for Walking!

Posted by Linda

March for Babies is not over yet, but more than likely, your event has already taken place. Either way, thank you for your role in making March for Babies a success!

No final numbers yet, but money you’ve raised is already at work helping babies and families:

We’ve increased our support to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

We’re reaching out to more moms through programs of education and intervention.

We are funding new research into treatments and preventions for problems like premature birth and birth defects.

More grants and more programs mean more healthy babies. And you’ve helped make that happen!

On behalf of all of America’s families: THANK YOU!

29 Mar

Are you participating with your coworkers this year? Walking in March for Babies is one of the most meaningful things you can do as a team – and a great time for anyone in the company. It really is what you make it though, and the sky is the limit!

Pour your heart into it – Know a special baby or child? Dedicate your walk to a little someone in your life to motivate you in your fundraising and inspire your supporters.


Bring some fun to it – What are you willing to do if you reach your goal? Dye your hear purple, perform a heartfelt rendition of “Ain’t no mountain high enough” in the cafeteria…


Stir up friendly competition – Yes, you’re on the same team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show the folks in Accounting just the kind of stuff Purchasing is made of!


Make it rewarding – Does your company offer March for Babies incentives? If not, ask your team captain to up the stakes. A lunch with the boss for the top fundraiser, a day off for $500+ walkers…


Is your company walking, give them a shout-out in the comments. And share your own tips, what’s working for you or your team?

2 Dec

The year is not over yet, but we are already getting ready for March for Babies 2010. If you’re curious about when your event is taking place, find out now. You can already sign up, too!

If you’re leading a team, or thinking about starting your own team for the first time this year, now is a great time to get organized. Get your mailing list in order and send a holiday e-mail and “save the date” to everyone who walked with you this year. Just activate your account and use the e-mail feature on your team captain dashboard.

Before I forget, we have some great new tools for team captains (and for company team captains, too). Download the team captain guide for how-to information you can really use.

And add our blog to your reader for lots of news and tips in the coming months. I just know we’re going to have a great March for Babies! Are you excited yet?

10 Mar

Companies that Care

Posted by Linda

When a big company joins March for Babies it’s always exciting because it means we’ll have another big team out there, walking and raising money! There’s power in numbers.


It’s also great to know there are so many companies that want to take care of their families and the families in their communities. Kind of a welcome break from all those negative stories in the media.


I wanted to share this video with you. It’s a message from Doug Hawthorne, the CEO of Texas Health Resources and Chair of the Dallas March for Babies. He does a wonderful job explaining why it’s so important for his organization to get involved:



This is an inspiration. Thank you to all our company teams and sponsors!

27 Feb

Can We Fix It?

Posted by Linda

Yes we can! Yesterday, we kicked off March for Babies ’09 at the national office! Our “construction theme” was inspired by this Sunday’s very special edition of Extreme Makeover. It was also a wonderful excuse to wear checkered flannel.


We had a great time! Led by their team captains, departments faced off in skits and we heard some very creative, baby-inspired songs.


Things got a little emotional too, when two co-workers came up to share their stories. Mom-to-be Vicky got us all choked up talking about her “little nugget” and all those things a pregnant mom worries about – I remember all too well.


The tissues came out for real when Lori spoke about her adorable son Ethan who was born with a birth defect. It’s so powerful to hear these stories. You realize this is much more than just a job for the people who work at the March of Dimes.


If you’re walking with your company and haven’t had your kick-off yet, get involved! It’s a difficult year to raise money. But there are babies and families who are counting on us. A kick-off is the perfect way to motivate everyone. Get some friendly competition going between departments! Share your ’09 March for Babies goal with the team!


And don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing for your kick-off this year, or how it was!

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