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3 Apr

Future Business Leaders of America members in Connecticut showed their excitement for March for Babies at their state conference this past Monday. These high school students came to the March of Dimes booth prepared with questions about fundraising, awareness, and bringing the message of healthy babies into their schools. We’ve gleaned some tips from students & advisors and thought we would share how to get your FBLA or PBL chapter on the fundraising bandwagon:

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm! Especially if it comes from the student leaders or advisors. If the leadership sets an excited tone, chances are the members will catch the fervor.

Speak from the heart. Find out if there is someone in your club who has been affected by the mission of the March of Dimes and is willing to share his or her story.

Make a plan. Set goals and be strategic in planning your fundraising event. Consider what resources your community has and how you can use those to help give every baby a healthy start!

20 Jan

With today’s momentous inauguration and yesterday’s honoring of Martin Luther King Jr., there has been an exciting focus on service. Particularly youth service.

Yesterday, Youth Service America kicked off a Semester of Service which runs until Global Youth Service Day, the weekend of April 24-26. What else happens that weekend? For many, it’s March for Babies weekend. You can participate in the Semester of Service through March for Babies participation.

There are a myriad of ways to capitalize on this service-fever, and promote healthy lifestyles and healthy babies within your community. Youth Service America offers a Semester of Service Strategy Guide. Couple this with the March for Babies Youth Toolkit, and you’ll have all the tools you need to make a positive impact.

Planning to commit to healthy babies in your community as part of a Semester of Service? Tell us about it! We love to hear how youth are frontrunners in the effort to give every baby a healthy start.

7 Jan

Enthusiasm is key to a jazzed and successful March for Babies youth team. Most March for Babies walk sites host a kick-off to build enthusiasm and provide key messaging for their walkers. Unfortunately for us young folks, these kick-offs often take place during the day when class is the number one priority.


Youths don’t have to miss out on the kick-off fun. Consider working with your local March of Dimes office to host a youth kick-off and invite all youth teams and walkers to attend. Or make your kick-off specific to your school with an old-fashioned pep rally to cheer on your school’s March for Babies team. The key ingredients to a successful kick-off are:


Motivation: Invite someone with a mission connection to speak. This is a great place to feature a teenager or college student with a personal story.


Focus: Set a community youth fund raising goal teams can work towards. Make sure that all teams understand the online fundraising tool. Fundraising breakout sessions where participants can share ideas are a great way to generate ideas and allow walkers to meet one another.


Fun: Of course every good event needs this. Invite local musicians to play, feature school bands, see if local restaurants will donate food, and it doesn’t hurt to throw some dancing into the mix.


When I was in high school, my walk site had a youth kick-off and it turned out a stellar way to reach youth walkers and pump everyone up for March for Babies!

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