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6 Jun

Today’s post comes to you from the #1 fundraising chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma for March for Babies this year, at Clemson University! We asked Allyson to tell us more on why she and her chapter got involved., and how they raised over $3,000 for healthy babies.

Gamma Sigma Sigma at March for Babies

Gamma Sigma Sigma at March for Babies

Q: What motivated you and your Gamma Sigma Sigma chapter to volunteer & participate in March for Babies and for March of Dimes?

A: As Gamma Sigma Sigma is involved at a national level with March of Dimes, the Epsilon Beta chapter has been involved over the years with the foundation. However, a personal interest caused me to get the chapter more involved with March of Dimes. My mother is a neonatalogist and got me involved at an early age with March of Dimes, so it has always had a special place in my heart. In addition, Erin Reid, a Gamma Sigma Sigma alumnus and Community Director for March of Dimes, was such a great contact and help in all of our fundraising efforts.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for college students to be involved in March for Babies & March of Dimes?

A: At some point, I feel as though March of Dimes touches everyone’s lives either directly or indirectly. I think college is a great time for individuals to get involved with March of Dimes, as it is such a wonderful cause and also provides so much beneficial information for the public.

Q: What was your favorite part of March for Babies, either the day of or leading up to it?

A: The best part of March for Babies for me has always been seeing the families and listening to their stories. March of Dimes has had such an impact on so many people, and it is highly evident just how powerful the foundation is when you hear it directly from a family that March of Dimes has helped.

Q: And now, tell us your #1 fundraising tip!

A: The factor that helped our fundraising the most was showing all of the members of the sorority what March of Dimes is all about. I invited an ambassador family to come and speak to the chapter, and their story exemplified what the foundation is all about. Once the sorority was passionate about the cause, our fundraising efforts were very successful.

Thank you Allyson & Clemon Gamma Sigma Sigma for raising awareness and funds for healthy babies! 

Gamma Sigma Sigma Hosts a Campus Fundraiser

Gamma Sigma Sigma Hosts a Campus Fundraiser

17 Mar
Check out our March for Babies Tools for Youth

Check out our March for Babies Tools for Youth

Did you know that in 2010 school teams raised more than $3 million, the top school district raised more than $130,000, and the #1 Youth walker raised more than $70,000?


Are you a youth volunteer looking for fundraising ideas for March for Babies? Do you want your child to get even more involved with March for Babies and March of Dimes, in general?


The March for Babies Youth Toolkit is a great resource for all youth volunteers interested in participating in March for Babies. Find out how to start your March for Babies team, recruit walkers, host fundraisers and have fun while helping babies this spring!


Get your school and your friends involved. Learn how to host your very own “Club March of Dimes” at your local roller skating rink! Find out how to raise $300 in eight simple steps! Most importantly, discover how important your dedication and support is for all babies!


Like the March of Dimes Team Youth on Facebook to receive updates and tips from the March of Dimes. Connect with youth volunteers and March of Dimes supporters, like you. Receive feedback and advice on your March for Babies goals for 2011 from the March of Dimes and fellow volunteers.


For more information and additional support, contact March of Dimes Team Youth at


What is your campus planning for March for Babies 2011?

7 Apr

Today’s guest post comes from Amber, March of Dimes Team Youth intern.

As an intern at the March of Dimes as well as a college athlete, I have seen so many opportunities present themselves for ways to involve my fellow student athletes in March for Babies.

Many college athletic teams band together in a community service project and what better project to work on than the March for Babies! As the weather breaks for spring, getting campus athletic teams involved is a nice way to simultaneously complete your team bonding & community service project as well as fundraise for an incredible event that will without a doubt benefit some of them some day.

Make sure you let your teammates know about your team page, and encourage them to add the Facebook app too to grow their fundraising.

Amber and fellow soccer player & Team Youth intern Mariel dedicate countless hours to making sure youth volunteers have resources and ideas for their March for Babies campaigns across the country.

Youth, let us know what you are doing that is successfull! Not a student? Consider inviting your alma mater to join your March for Babies team – make it a fundraising-filled reunion!

30 Mar

March for Babies, Campus Style

Posted by Volunteers
Hip Hop Performers at KnightWalk

Hip Hop Performers at KnightWalk

Across the country, college students are doing their own March for Babies events on campus to raise awareness and funds for the March of Dimes. These dedicated student leaders spend countless hours finding sponsors, donors, teams, water, food, tents and more to make a fun and successful event because they know the end result is so worth it – reaching the day when every baby is born healthy.

For University of Central Florida student and March of Dimes intern Julia, it is all about making UCF a “Champion for Babies” and raising the bar each year on their campus event, KnightWalk. Led by the UCF March of Dimes Collegiate Council, the event is set to surpass its $10,000 goal – go Knights!

To up the excitement factor, UCF added “Field Day for Babies” to the mix this year and had students competing in tug-of-war and potato sack races at the halfway point. Not only did they spice up the walk route, but they had hip-hop performers entertain the crowd before the walk started and UCF Group Exercise instructors lead everyone in the warm-up stretches! President of UCF John Hitt along with other community leaders spoke at the event, and a local Ambassador Family brought the mission home to all who attended.

I also asked Chloe, a sophomore at the University of Virginia who is gearing up for the first ever UVA March for Babies, what her event was all about and she shared: “As a national youth representative of the March of Dimes National Youth Council, I along with the members of the Tau Theta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. are currently in the midst of planning for the 1st Annual UVA March for Babies at UVa on April 18, 2009.  I have received tremendous support thus far from my peers including those in the Second-Year Council and local vendors as sponsors of the event, along with Greek and non-Greek organizations on campus.” They’ve set a goal of over 100 walkers for this first year and I know they’ll make it.

Holding an event on your campus? Interested in learning more? Leave us some love and let us know about your event!

3 Mar

Pi Delta Psi is On the Move

Posted by Volunteers

Gotta give props to one of our newest national Greek partners, Pi Delta Psi. This year they hope to have all the brothers walking on March for Babies day, and they got a great start this weekend at the University of Central Florida KnightWalk in Orlando.  From getting newspaper coverage to hosting a range of great fundraising events, Pi Delta Psi was on fire down in Florida. The UCF chapter held a Taste of Asia event, getting foods donated representing all of Asia and collecting donations from students. They also set up a table in the main section of campus, in front of the Student Union, to collect donations.

For Pi Delta Psi this year, the walk means even more – one of their brothers had a premature baby and they are walking in honor of baby Parker Edward Chen. Born two and a half months premature, he is still in the hospital today. All members are asked to give at least $10 or more, but I can see these brothers far exceeding that! Pi Delta Psi, thanks for being Champions for Babies. Have a Pi Delta Psi on your campus? Make sure you connect with them on fundraising events.

9 Feb

Greek Life is Walking!

Posted by Volunteers

So Sunday morning I went to talk to the lovely sisters of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha. This weekend was their sorority’s national convention and they had almost 200 people in attendance. We talked about the March of Dimes and our mission, and of course there was a baby in the room! He chimed in with comments every once in a while, and really you couldn’t ask for a better “voice” in a presentation about us!

They are ready and excited for March for Babies 2009 and asked lots of great questions about getting involved. The St. John’s chapter is hosting a banquet for the March of Dimes, and some of their chapters have already held events. Want to get your Greek organization involved? Do it! Even if you’re an alum, wear your colors, show your pride and get out there and join us on March for Babies day. And maybe challenge those other Greek group on your campus to a little healthy competition.

28 Jan

Team Youth is pretty awesome – all of our volunteers from elementary to college students, doing amazing fundraising and mission activities all of the time. This spring we’ll have March of Dimes Collegiate Councils such as Bobcats for Babies at Ohio University out there walking; we’ll also have a 1st grade classroom with a class member touched by premature birth out there walking. From the Student Senate in New York to San Diego’s Chain Reaction, and Anna and Frankie in Hawaii to Kendra and Kyle in Florida – we have youth walking everywhere for stronger, healthier babies! It is just so cool.


And you know who else is part of March for Babies? Our Team Youth Celebrity Spokesperson, Kelly Clarkson! Kelly Clarkson and her fans (including these two Team Youth bloggers, we luv u!) raise money in March for Babies and show their support so that one day all babies will be born healthy and strong and on time.

Basically this is just a shout out to our awesome youth walkers and to Kelly Clarkson. Want to give your own shout out to your favorite youth walker? Leave us (and them) some luv with a comment!

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