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10 Apr

Bowling for Babies is a successful and fun event to raise funds and awareness for your March for Babies team. Here are some great guidelines to help you host a successful event! Feel free to customize these tips to better fit your community.

GET READY! Gather your resources
Any successful event will need resources, from people to materials. For a successful Bowling for Babies event, start by finding a large group of volunteers. Ask your friends, classmates, coworkers, and neighbors for assistance. Remember to include our mission in your ask, letting people know that by participating they are helping all babies. Next, you will need to find a bowling alley to host your event. A bowling alley may donate the space. Remember also to include shoe rental in your ask of the bowling alley. Check with your local March of Dimes office first for help when working with local businesses. They may be able to give you additional resources or tips.

To make your event a success, you also will need prizes for winners, creative marketing tools, a plan for registration, a host/emcee, and a collection box for funds collected.

GET SET! Prep-work
Get organized: Bowling for Babies can easily be implemented and carried out in a month’s time. Create a calendar to keep you on track. Set up biweekly meeting times and locations for your group and remember, with any event, it is important to motivate your volunteers to keep them engaged. This can be done by including a mission moment at your meetings to remind volunteers why they are involved. Keep the communication lines open between all members and after the event recognize volunteers who have gone above and beyond throughout the event.

Assign roles and responsibilities: With so many different tasks and items to take care of, creating committees will help you stay on task. In addition, make sure to appoint committee chairs. These individuals will help communicate with the committees and follow through with the tasks. Possible committee responsibilities could include gathering prizes, finding sponsorships from local businesses with the help of your local March of Dimes office, promoting the event, and registering participants in advance and day-of. Check with the bowling alley if they can donate a bowling pin as a possible prize to give your event extra flare!

Set entry fee: Work with your members and your local office to find a reasonable fee. See if local businesses can donate giveaway items, prizes and food. The more you can offer to attendees, the more willing they will pay to attend.

Bowling for Babies events can be hosted by volunteers of all ages!

Bowling for Babies can be hosted by volunteers of all ages

GO! Day of the event
On the day of the event, make sure every member is up to speed on the logistics of the event, including time and location. During the event, include a mission moment about the March of Dimes to engage the audience about our mission. This could include a mission family, a video from, a poem or a personal story. Be aware of the momentum of the event and judge when it is appropriate to announce a contest or when it is better to let the bowlers enjoy socializing.

At the end of the day, make sure the crowd, your members and you are having a great time. Thank everyone for working for stronger, healthier babies.

Now let’s hear from you!
How are you boosting your March for Babies totals with event fundraising?

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