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21 Apr

Kelly Clarkson walks in Nashville March for Babies

Posted by Volunteers
Kelly Clarkson & Alex Wallace

Kelly & Alex; Photo by

Congratulations Kelly Clarkson, March of Dimes National Team Youth Ambassador, who walked the entire route with her team at the Nashville March for Babies yesterday!

Despite the rain, Kelly was out with her cute green umbrella and March for Babies hat and had a great time. Go Kelly! Thanks for all that you do for the March of Dimes year-round! She also got to meet some special youth volunteers and ambassador families and hear their stories and why the March of Dimes is so important.

In the photo you see Kelly with top youth volunteer Alexandra Wallace from the March of Dimes Tennessee Chapter. What an awesome experience for Alexandra! The March of Dimes thanks Kelly Clarkson for her dedication to our cause – and to her leadership with the Foundation.

You can donate to Team Kelly Clarkson online to show your support at


Kelly Clarkson walks in Nashville March for Babies

Comment by Matt C — April 22, 2009 @ 9:45 am

I think its great that high profile people can take the time to help out a great cause like yours. I have been through a prem birth experience almost a year ago to this date with my special girl being born at 27 weeks. I’ll always remember the first time I held her laying skin to skin on my stomach when she was about a week old. She was so tiny and it was one of the most wonderful yet frightening experiences in my life as something went wrong after a few minutes and she lost all of her vital signs and went into duress. The doctors and nurses rushed to her attention and after a few minutes she was OK. She is a fighter and always will be. Good on you Kelly and everyone at March of Dimes for supporting prem babies!

Kelly Clarkson walks in Nashville March for Babies

Comment by Yvonne — April 26, 2009 @ 12:26 am

I think that is the most wonderful thing that she has done. She is giving her support to help every baby to be given a healthy start. I’ve always been such a big fan of her sinc the beginning. God, sometimes I wish that she was a part of my family team. Of course I had already did my walk on April 25th in San Diego, but maybe she’ll join next year? But really, I am proud of any celeb like her is doing something selfless and is caring for every unborn baby be born full term and healty. Way to go Kelly!

Kelly Clarkson walks in Nashville March for Babies

Comment by Tom — March 20, 2011 @ 2:45 pm

You have to wonder why there are so many other celeb that don’t take an example from Kelly! Everyone should give back something for community, regular people like us…


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