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17 Apr

Almost to Goal! Tips and Techniques

Posted by Volunteers

March for Babies is almost here! Here are some fundraising techniques as we enter into the final lap.

Send reminders: Did someone mention interest in donating but have not yet done so? They may have simply forgotten. Send them a reminder (letter, email or even talk to them in person) and let them know how close you are to reaching your goal!

Thank everyone: Send emails or write letters thanking those who already donated. Post your thanks publically on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to include how close you are to your goal. This may encourage another person to donate, or even inspire those who already donated to give more to help you reach (or exceed your goal).

Increase your goal: Have you reached you already reached your fundraising goal? Congratulations! On your March for Babies Online Fundraising Tool, increase your goal to raise even more for babies!

Skip your morning coffee purchase and donate to yourself. Don’t purchase coffee – skip eating lunch out and donate that to yourself. If your daily purchase costs $5, you could donate $25 in just five days!

Still need more tips and ideas?
Here are some great ways to raise $300 in a small amount of time:
• Start with your own $25 donation (from skipping your daily coffee or lunch purchase) = $25
• Ask four family members for $25 each = $100
• Ask five friends to donate $10 each = $50
• Ask four teachers/professors for $15 each = $60
• Ask five coworkers for $10 each = $50
• Receive three $5 donations after a Facebook post = $15
Total raised = $300


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