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22 Apr

Feel GREAT About Asking

Posted by Linda

Feel GREAT about it

We all have family and friends that we are in constant contact with via texts, emails, Facebook, etc. — constantly dashing off tidbits from our everyday lives and sharing comments, jokes, YouTube videos, you name it.

But when it comes to asking for donations….OMG.

When asking for support, you may feel uncomfortable, but the results could surprise you. And even if you don’t receive a donation, you will certainly be admired for your wonderful intentions — helping babies!

You don’t have to be overly serious or hit people up with grim statistics.
But by all means:

Make them feel special. Remind them of the lifesaving work that they are supporting and how their donation will help give more babies the healthiest start possible. (What’s not to love about that?!!)

Reach out with a personal touch. Express in your own words why the mission means a lot to you. Emphasize a project or goal of the March of Dimes that you care about. Share a story of someone you know who was affected by premature birth. A personal message from you carries a lot more weight than a form request.

Above all, remember that there is no harm if the response is “no.” You can feel great about trying to make a difference for the nearly half a million babies born too soon each year.

You asked…and that’s all we can ask for.

REGISTER AND REACH OUT to help babies.
It’s not too late!


Feel GREAT About Asking

Comment by Jim Mocarski — April 22, 2013 @ 11:08 pm

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve also found that knowing that I have made my own personal gift helps me get over the “OMG”.


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