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21 Mar

The “Ask”

Posted by Volunteers


The first step to having someone donate is to ask

As you continue to raise funds for March for Babies, remember that there are a variety of people you can ask to donate. But keep in mind the first step to getting someone to donate is to ask, and there are multiple ways to even make this ask!

Here are a few tips to help you find who and how to ask.

Getting Started: Who to Ask

Make a list of ten people you could ask for a donation. Then write down ten more. Keep going until you can’t think of anyone else. Start simple with your immediate family and close friends. Expand the list to include extended family, classmates, teachers (past and present), members of your sports team and/or school organization. Go even further by including neighbors and your community (like your family doctor or dentist). When you begin to make your list, don’t leave anybody you know out – sometimes you’ll be surprised at who will donate.

Incorporate this activity at your next team meeting. Make it a competition to see who can come up with the most names!

Reaching out: How to Ask


Ask your friends to share your Online Fundraising Page link on Facebook and Twitter to reach even more people!

Online fundraising is the easiest way to fundraise, but you’ll find that you may need to ask people to donate in different ways. Send emails to potential donors with a link to your personal page. You can do this directly from your Online Fundraising Page at Use social media to post a link to your fundraising page to reach more friends and family members. Dedicate your Facebook or Tweet about your progress. Use benchmark words to encourage more donations – “I’m just three $10 donations away from my goal!” When someone donates, thank them through your social media channels by tagging them in your post. They will feel special and this may encourage others to donate as well.

After you’ve asked someone to donate, ask them to refer you to others they know who might be interested in donating. Ask friends to share or post your fundraising efforts on Facebook and Twitter will help you not only reach people in your network but outside of it as well. Asking donors to refer you to others is an easy way to expand your network and will not only help you raise more money this year, but also when you participate in March for Babies in the future.

Take your fundraising to the next level by sending personal letters in the mail to family and friends. Consider asking classmates and teachers in person– it’s a lot harder for someone to say no to you in person.

The important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as asking too many people. Remember in order for someone to say “yes” you have to first ask.

Now Let’s Hear From You!

What are some creative ways you have asked for support?


The “Ask”

Comment by marisela contreras — March 24, 2013 @ 12:26 pm

please I need your help to reach my goal


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