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7 Mar

“Kick Off” Your Fundraising

Posted by Volunteers

Hosting a March for Babies Kick Off is a great way to recruit teams and walkers in your local area and gear up together for March for Babies! Here are a few ways to make your Kick Off event a success.

Initial Steps
Contact Your Local Chapter Staff – Meet with a March of Dimes staff person before, during and after the kick‐off. Go to and click “contact us” at the bottom of the page to find your local March of Dimes chapter.

Secure a Location – Such as a school gym, park, or recreation center.

Find an Emcee/Host – This could be a local celebrity or leader in your organization. Does college or high school football have a large following in your community? Invite the school mascot or school leader.

Invite Everyone – Invite past March for Babies teams (youth and adult), March of Dimes staff members, and local organizations, schools & press to attend.

To Inspire Walkers
Let people know that they are supporting a great cause: stronger, healthier babies. Invite a family connected to our mission to speak at your event, or show our National Ambassador mission story (found at Are you walking for a specific family or child and/or is someone in your organization connected to our mission? Encourage them to share their story.

Include entertainment by showcasing local talent. Invite talented individuals and groups in your community to donate their time for our mission. Ask the high school or college cheerleading squad or dance team to perform. Finally, secure for food donations from local restaurants or other catering places. Ask local stores for goody bags with donations. Provide free publicity to those who donated by putting their name/logo in the program, invitations and/or displayed at the event.

To Support Walkers
Build in time for teams, old and new, to meet, network and share ideas. Provide all team captains with support materials and make sure all participants know how to raise money. Setup a laptop station to give attendees, who haven’t had the opportunity, to register or join a team.

For more resources on engaging your team and fundraising ideas, visit

Now let’s hear from you:
What was the most memorable March for Babies Kickoff you attended and why?
How do you get your team excited for March for Babies?


“Kick Off” Your Fundraising

Comment by Theresa Ranz — March 12, 2013 @ 9:10 am

I have a team of 10 members to volunteers for the breakfast. We cannot walk–but we do help since 1992 and donate. This is the tenth email I sent!@#


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