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14 Mar

Tips to Make Your Fundraising Stand Out!

Posted by Volunteers

Looking for some great ways to make your fundraising efforts stand out? Here are some creative ideas and best practices to help you maximize your fundraising efforts and get your friends excited about donating to your March for Babies team.

Use colorful envelopes to make your letters stand out!

Ask in a special way – Make your letters and emails to potential donors personal in order to get a larger response. If you are sending letters use colorful envelopes that are impossible to ignore. Remember to share photos of your team and the reasons you are walking in your letters, emails and on your social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter).

Share something sweet – Make cookies or other baked goods to thank your friends and family members for donating. Go one step further and bring baked goods or candy to school or work (with permission) and sell them for donations.

Offer incentives - Offer to drive your friends to school or work, carry your friends’ books to class, or clean out your friends’ locker in exchange for a donation to your March for Babies team.

Create competition - Challenge your friends and family members to see who can get the most people to donate to your team’s page. Encourage them to ask teachers, coworkers and friends to make a contribution. Make the challenge public and you will see even greater success!


Thank everyone for their support!

Say thank you –Thank everyone for supporting stronger, healthier babies through Facebook and Twitter, in person and/or through email. With administrative approval, publicly thank those who have donated by making an announcement at the beginning or end of a class or even make announcements to the entire school! The more public the thank-you, the better! You will show your appreciation and thanks to those who have contributed and may also encourage others to donate as well.

Be creative and think outside the box! Ask your friends and family members for input and ideas. And remember to let those who donated know that all donations are supporting stronger, healthier babies! For more fundraising ideas and best practices, check out our School & Youth Team Tips: Fundraising video.

Now let’s hear from you!
How do you make your fundraising stand out?


Tips to Make Your Fundraising Stand Out!

Comment by ashley absher — March 14, 2013 @ 5:42 pm

i need help starting to volunteer.

Tips to Make Your Fundraising Stand Out!

Comment by Eric Carney — March 15, 2013 @ 9:57 am

I appreciate the tips.
What i am hoping to do this year is a bake sale but i need some help.

What i want to do is tie the prices of cookies and cakes to what that money goes to.
like instead of “suggested donation $10″,
Suggested donation “1 hot meal for a parent of a child in NICU.”

Can anyone help? The more items the better.


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