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20 Jan
Online Fundraising

Love the Online Fundraising Action!

Posted by Online Fundraising

Wow, it is January 2009!  I lost some calendar days here (does that happen to parents?)


My little ones and we parents had some bronchitis over the holidays so I am slow in getting back to blogging. But I love being back and seeing all the action online!


Lets see, Paul, you asked about setting up an event in the Music City – I assume that is Nashville. Great city. You can call your local chapter and they will handle that for you. When you are online, scroll down and click on find local chapter. That will give you contact info. 


Andrea -so you made your dad the team captain and he does not know it yet?  The one who does not go to the committee meeting becomes the chair as we all know… No problem – call your local chapter and they can fix it. 


And Jackie, don’t thank us – we thank you for being such a great mom.  We hope everyone spreads the word about online fundraising and how it is easy to use and a great way to spread the message.


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