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6 Jun

Learn Why Gamma Sigma Sigma’s #1 Fundraising Chapter Helps Babies

Posted by Volunteers

Today’s post comes to you from the #1 fundraising chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma for March for Babies this year, at Clemson University! We asked Allyson to tell us more on why she and her chapter got involved., and how they raised over $3,000 for healthy babies.

Gamma Sigma Sigma at March for Babies

Gamma Sigma Sigma at March for Babies

Q: What motivated you and your Gamma Sigma Sigma chapter to volunteer & participate in March for Babies and for March of Dimes?

A: As Gamma Sigma Sigma is involved at a national level with March of Dimes, the Epsilon Beta chapter has been involved over the years with the foundation. However, a personal interest caused me to get the chapter more involved with March of Dimes. My mother is a neonatalogist and got me involved at an early age with March of Dimes, so it has always had a special place in my heart. In addition, Erin Reid, a Gamma Sigma Sigma alumnus and Community Director for March of Dimes, was such a great contact and help in all of our fundraising efforts.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for college students to be involved in March for Babies & March of Dimes?

A: At some point, I feel as though March of Dimes touches everyone’s lives either directly or indirectly. I think college is a great time for individuals to get involved with March of Dimes, as it is such a wonderful cause and also provides so much beneficial information for the public.

Q: What was your favorite part of March for Babies, either the day of or leading up to it?

A: The best part of March for Babies for me has always been seeing the families and listening to their stories. March of Dimes has had such an impact on so many people, and it is highly evident just how powerful the foundation is when you hear it directly from a family that March of Dimes has helped.

Q: And now, tell us your #1 fundraising tip!

A: The factor that helped our fundraising the most was showing all of the members of the sorority what March of Dimes is all about. I invited an ambassador family to come and speak to the chapter, and their story exemplified what the foundation is all about. Once the sorority was passionate about the cause, our fundraising efforts were very successful.

Thank you Allyson & Clemon Gamma Sigma Sigma for raising awareness and funds for healthy babies! 

Gamma Sigma Sigma Hosts a Campus Fundraiser

Gamma Sigma Sigma Hosts a Campus Fundraiser


Learn Why Gamma Sigma Sigma’s #1 Fundraising Chapter Helps Babies

Comment by Talia Pettway — June 20, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

Wee-Oop sorors, Keep up the great work!!!


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