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14 Oct

Vote Now! Help March of Dimes win Sears Holdings Shop Your Way Rewards points!

Posted by Linda

We are very excited to announce that we have several videos in the top 20 finalists for the Sears Holdings Shop Your Way Rewards contest!  We thank everyone who entered and voted in support of the March of Dimes.  We stand to gain over $135,000 that we can use to help moms and babies, but we need your help!

Please vote everyday through November 3rd for a video that supports the March of Dimes, like this one from Amber, a mom who has graciously chosen March of Dimes as one of her charities to donate a portion of the prize pool.  Voting is easy and takes less than a minute!

Watch and vote!


Vote Now! Help March of Dimes win Sears Holdings Shop Your Way Rewards points!

Comment by Shane McGinley — November 6, 2010 @ 4:57 am

Due to extremely unscrupulous practices by Sears and Eprize, the March of Dimes has missed out on a donation of approximately $150,000. Let me explain:

One of the contest entry finalists whose charities were the Boy Scouts of America and the March of Dimes received the most votes throughout the course of the competition. Sears and Eprize led everyone to believe this was a fair competition.

Having the most votes, however, didn’t win the contest.

“A+ Movie Film For Make Benefit Charity” ended up with the most votes. 4539 Votes, in fact. The next closest runner-up? 2987 Votes. Not even close. But, it gets better… It was the third place contestant who the prize will go to, with 2408 votes.

At some point in the finals competition between the top 20, the vote counter for each video was removed by Eprize / Sears. This raised suspicions, because there’s no legitimate reason to do this. Luckily, Eprize accidentally kept the vote tally information available in the raw html, it was just hidden from plain sight. It was also available in a separate link as XML data. This data was monitored by those in the competition, all the while wondering why they would hide it from the public.

Now we know why. The contest was rigged.

This hurts The March of Dimes, it hurts every individual who put the time and effort into a charitable cause, and it hurts every person who voted in this competition.

Andrea, please help get this story out to the media, as the public needs to know that Sears ran a fixed competition.


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