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14 Mar

Looking for some great ways to make your fundraising efforts stand out? Here are some creative ideas and best practices to help you maximize your fundraising efforts and get your friends excited about donating to your March for Babies team.

Use colorful envelopes to make your letters stand out!

Ask in a special way – Make your letters and emails to potential donors personal in order to get a larger response. If you are sending letters use colorful envelopes that are impossible to ignore. Remember to share photos of your team and the reasons you are walking in your letters, emails and on your social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter).

Share something sweet – Make cookies or other baked goods to thank your friends and family members for donating. Go one step further and bring baked goods or candy to school or work (with permission) and sell them for donations.

Offer incentives - Offer to drive your friends to school or work, carry your friends’ books to class, or clean out your friends’ locker in exchange for a donation to your March for Babies team.

Create competition - Challenge your friends and family members to see who can get the most people to donate to your team’s page. Encourage them to ask teachers, coworkers and friends to make a contribution. Make the challenge public and you will see even greater success!


Thank everyone for their support!

Say thank you –Thank everyone for supporting stronger, healthier babies through Facebook and Twitter, in person and/or through email. With administrative approval, publicly thank those who have donated by making an announcement at the beginning or end of a class or even make announcements to the entire school! The more public the thank-you, the better! You will show your appreciation and thanks to those who have contributed and may also encourage others to donate as well.

Be creative and think outside the box! Ask your friends and family members for input and ideas. And remember to let those who donated know that all donations are supporting stronger, healthier babies! For more fundraising ideas and best practices, check out our School & Youth Team Tips: Fundraising video.

Now let’s hear from you!
How do you make your fundraising stand out?

11 Mar

Last week you may have seen our Quick Guide to Online Fundraising for walkers. This week we have a similar guide for Team Captains! If you are a team captain or would like to be a team captain check out all of the cool features on how to recruit and manage your team. Don’t have access to the Team Dashboard? Contact your local chapter to activate your team captain dashboard today!

8 Mar

We’re so happy that you’re walking with us in March for Babies! Now is the time we put our hearts and efforts together to raise money for our lifesaving cause. We can’t do this alone. We really need your help, so we’ve put together some advice to help you. As you reach out to family and friends, here are top tips to make your fundraising easy, exciting and successful!

#1 Fundraise online

The winning way to fundraise. We know how busy you are. Online fundraising is faster and brings in 3 times more money.

#2 Make your own donation

There’s a lot of value in setting a great example and showing how much you care.

#3 SOCIAL-ize

Post your reason for walking, status updates, pictures, etc., to Facebook and Twitter to create a fabulous fundraising network. Don’t forget to include your personal fundraising link.

#4 One-stop fundraising

From the Dashboard on your personal fundraising page, you can upload photos to personalize badges for your emails, website or blog; or create funny, friendly eCards.

#5 Stay connected

Your Dashboard also lets you: download iPhone® and Android apps so you can conduct your campaign from the palm of your hand; download our Facebook app; or easily spread the word with the social media share buttons.

#6 Double your donations

Asking your donors if their company has a matching gift program is a terrific way to raise twice as much.

#7 Call on colleagues

Talk about the walk face-to-face, leave notes around the office or hang posters in your workspace and on bulletin boards.

#8 Outside the box

Beyond work, reach out to a ready and caring audience: your children’s school, an organization you belong to, a place of worship.

#9 Quick way to $250

Couldn’t hurt to give this a try! Make a $25 donation. Ask three friends to match it; two family members for $20; four colleagues for $15; a neighbor for $10; your doctor for $25; and a local merchant for $15. You did it!

#10 Remind and thank

Don’t miss an opportunity to help babies. Send reminders to those who expressed interest but haven’t yet donated. Please thank everyone genuinely and enthusiastically for supporting you and remind them how special they are.

*One more for good luck!

A special tip to honor our 75th anniversary — Take the Be Your Best for Babies challenge and ask others to join you in raising their goals and growing their teams this year!

7 Mar

“Kick Off” Your Fundraising

Posted by Volunteers

Hosting a March for Babies Kick Off is a great way to recruit teams and walkers in your local area and gear up together for March for Babies! Here are a few ways to make your Kick Off event a success.

Initial Steps
Contact Your Local Chapter Staff – Meet with a March of Dimes staff person before, during and after the kick‐off. Go to and click “contact us” at the bottom of the page to find your local March of Dimes chapter.

Secure a Location – Such as a school gym, park, or recreation center.

Find an Emcee/Host – This could be a local celebrity or leader in your organization. Does college or high school football have a large following in your community? Invite the school mascot or school leader.

Invite Everyone – Invite past March for Babies teams (youth and adult), March of Dimes staff members, and local organizations, schools & press to attend.

To Inspire Walkers
Let people know that they are supporting a great cause: stronger, healthier babies. Invite a family connected to our mission to speak at your event, or show our National Ambassador mission story (found at Are you walking for a specific family or child and/or is someone in your organization connected to our mission? Encourage them to share their story.

Include entertainment by showcasing local talent. Invite talented individuals and groups in your community to donate their time for our mission. Ask the high school or college cheerleading squad or dance team to perform. Finally, secure for food donations from local restaurants or other catering places. Ask local stores for goody bags with donations. Provide free publicity to those who donated by putting their name/logo in the program, invitations and/or displayed at the event.

To Support Walkers
Build in time for teams, old and new, to meet, network and share ideas. Provide all team captains with support materials and make sure all participants know how to raise money. Setup a laptop station to give attendees, who haven’t had the opportunity, to register or join a team.

For more resources on engaging your team and fundraising ideas, visit

Now let’s hear from you:
What was the most memorable March for Babies Kickoff you attended and why?
How do you get your team excited for March for Babies?

6 Mar

Once you register for March for Babies, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is personalize your fundraising page! This tells people why you’re walking and why they should donate to support you as you walk for babies. You can share a photo, a story, and more! Watch the video for some helpful tips!

5 Mar

Be Your BEST for Babies!

Posted by Linda

Every baby deserves the BEST!

This year marks our special anniversary, and what better way to honor 75 years of lifesaving breakthroughs than by breaking through our former goals and taking the Be Your Best for Babies challenge!

75 years of passion, perseverance and research has improved — and continues to improve — the health of babies. And I got to thinking…progress of any kind only comes about by pushing further and reaching higher. So let’s do the same! Let’s push further. Let’s set our goals higher than ever in raising funds and growing our teams. The money we raise supports ongoing research into the causes of premature birth, and brings us closer to answers that are just out of reach.

We can all take pride in the lifesaving achievements that we, and caring people just like us, help make possible. So let’s take part in the celebration, too! Let’s reach higher and accept the Be Your Best for Babies challenge. Setting a higher goal makes it more exciting and gives everyone something wonderful to strive for.

So come on…what’s the worst that can happen? Not a thing — IT’S ALL GOOD! Even if we don’t completely reach our best goal, but raise a few dollars more, every dollar makes a difference. Remember, when we raise more money, we are also raising hopes for babies and moms.

Ok, all together now…Happy 75th March of Dimes! And the BEST of health to babies everywhere!

1 Mar
Online Fundraising

Looking for a quick guide to help you reach your March for Babies fundraising goals? Check out this one page guide that shows you how to get started! You can download it as an image here or download it as a PDF file here.

Have more questions? Reach out to our online fundraising team here.

1 Mar

Bill Fitzgerald, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Engines at GE Aviation and National Chairman of the 2013 March for Babies (right), March of Dimes President, Dr. Jennifer L. Howse (left), and 8-year-old Nina Centofanti, the foundation’s 2013 National Ambassador (middle), ring The Closing Bell at NYSE to kick off the 2013 March for Babies. About 20,000 companies and 7 million people will participate in March for Babies with a goal of raising $109 million. The walk takes place in most communities the last weekend of April. To join a March for Babies event near you, visit

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