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27 Apr

Make Your Fundraising Stand Out!

Posted by Volunteers

Fundraising gives you the opportunity to be creative and unique! While asking your friends and family to donate to your March for Babies campaign, it’s great to keep things fresh and exciting. Here are a few fun ways to make your fundraising stand out!

Add incentives! Motivate your friends by promising creative goods or service in exchange for their donation. Trade exercise for funds. Offer to do 10 push-ups or sit-ups for every $1 donated. Carry a friend’s books for an entire day in exchange for a $10 donation.

Post baby photos! They can be March of Dimes related or your personal baby photos! Anything that can make your posts and e-mails more eye catching is great.

Promote your goal! People like to be able to help you get there. Don’t be afraid to increase your goal as you reach your first, second, or even third fundraising goal.

Add a personal touch to your letters!

Add a personal touch to your letters!

Write unique and personalized letters! Include fun items to make them eye catching. Include stickers or photos!!

Have friends help get the word out! Ask a friend who donated to post this donation on Facebook with a message encouraging their friends to do the same.

Grab their attention! Use the animated E-Cards, banners, and the Facebook application to help get attention! All of these and more can be found at

Remember, going the extra mile can make all the difference in your fundraising!

Now lets hear from you!
How have you gone the extra mile with fundraising?

27 Apr

For many of us, March for Babies day is almost here! For school teams, company teams, family teams & anyone walking this weekend – here are a few tips to help you and your team get ready for the big day at March for Babies:

•Check the weather and let teammates know if they should pack a raincoat and/or sunscreen.

•Text a reminder about when and where your team will meet at March for Babies.

•Make sure any signs you want to bring are packed and ready to go.

•Pack the essentials and the maybe-essentials: a fully charged cell phone, your list of walkers’ phone numbers, T-shirts and Band-Aids®.

•Bring all cash & checks with you to turn in at the walk!

•Post a reminder on Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone you are walking, and ask them to help you reach or exceed your fundraising goal for healthy babies!

Where are you walking this weekend? What’s your #1 tip for other walkers?

Have a great time at March for Babies!

Have a great time at March for Babies!

26 Apr

March of Dimes Mom Thalia is mobilizing her fans in support of March for Babies 2012!

The voice of March of Dimes Spanish language mission and March for Babies campaigns, Thalia has been a strong supporter of our cause for Stronger Healthier Babies! She’s letting her fans and followers know that she will be at the March of Dimes National Headquarters March for Babies on Sunday! Thank you, Thalia!

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24 Apr

Today’s special volunteer guest post comes from a top youth volunteer, our National Youth Council Chair Taylor!

As we near the home-stretch of March for Babies, there is still time to get in more donations and there are a number of resources out there to help you continue to fundraise up until the day of the March and even after!

Resource # 1: E-mail potential sponsors via your March for Babies personal fundraising link. When you are logged into your account at, it provides you a sample letter that gives all the official information about March of Dimes but it also gives you the opportunity to customize and personalize the letter to share why you are walking, your team/individual goals, and how long you have been involved!

Check out your individual and team online fundraising pages for even more resources!

These resources and more are available at!

Resource # 2: For extra fundraising visibility, put a fundraising badge on your e-mail signature. Everyone you e-mail can track your progress. This gives your page extra exposure with every e-mail you send! Those who have already e-mailed may even be inclined to donate again to help you reach your goal.

Resource # 3: Already sent a fundraising e-mail out but have not received a donation from certain friends or family? Consider mixing it up and sending an animated e-card! These are a fun and innovative way to engage your audience! Consider sending in the middle of the week to brighten someone’s day!

These resources and many more are available right at your fingertips from your March for Babies fundraising page and at

Now we want to hear from you!
What are your favorite March for Babies fundraising tools?
How do you engage potential donors?

20 Apr

Niki Taylor with her family and newborn son.

Internationally famed model, Niki Taylor, proudly announces her participation in March of Dimes March for Babies to help raise awareness and critical funds for stronger, healthier babies. Taylor will join the March of Dimes in kicking off the walk in at Tropical Park in Miami, FL on the morning of Saturday, April 28th.

“As a mom of four healthy children, I am grateful to know the March of Dimes is tireless in their fight to improve the health of all babies. My family and I are supporting the March for Babies walk so that we can help other moms give their babies the healthiest possible start,” said Taylor who will be joining the opening ceremonies and leading the walk in Miami, close to where she grew up.

Herself a mother to a five month old son, a three year old daughter, and two 17 year old twin boys, Taylor connects with the cause and the need for people to sign up for the walk and fundraise. “I am proud to bring my own young ones out to be part of this event. Together we will walk for healthier babies, and for those born too soon and need our help.”

13 Apr

Denny Hamlin and National Ambassador Kieran Wittstruck, age 6, with the Team FedEx’s #11 March for Babies car. (Photo credit:FedEx)

Racing driver Denny Hamlin and March of Dimes 2012 National Ambassador Kieran Wittstruck are teaming up at Texas Motor Speedway near Dallas this weekend to help “rev up” revenue and awareness for March for Babies! Team FedEx will be racing the branded #11 March for Babies car. Denny and Kieran took to the track in matching fire suits for a media blitz and time trials today – all to help promote March for Babies and get everyone to sign up for the walk! Cheer on FedEx and the #11 March for Babies car! Here’s a link to the news release for more details. Check your local listings for NASCAR race times and coverage.

10 Apr

Bowling for Babies is a successful and fun event to raise funds and awareness for your March for Babies team. Here are some great guidelines to help you host a successful event! Feel free to customize these tips to better fit your community.

GET READY! Gather your resources
Any successful event will need resources, from people to materials. For a successful Bowling for Babies event, start by finding a large group of volunteers. Ask your friends, classmates, coworkers, and neighbors for assistance. Remember to include our mission in your ask, letting people know that by participating they are helping all babies. Next, you will need to find a bowling alley to host your event. A bowling alley may donate the space. Remember also to include shoe rental in your ask of the bowling alley. Check with your local March of Dimes office first for help when working with local businesses. They may be able to give you additional resources or tips.

To make your event a success, you also will need prizes for winners, creative marketing tools, a plan for registration, a host/emcee, and a collection box for funds collected.

GET SET! Prep-work
Get organized: Bowling for Babies can easily be implemented and carried out in a month’s time. Create a calendar to keep you on track. Set up biweekly meeting times and locations for your group and remember, with any event, it is important to motivate your volunteers to keep them engaged. This can be done by including a mission moment at your meetings to remind volunteers why they are involved. Keep the communication lines open between all members and after the event recognize volunteers who have gone above and beyond throughout the event.

Assign roles and responsibilities: With so many different tasks and items to take care of, creating committees will help you stay on task. In addition, make sure to appoint committee chairs. These individuals will help communicate with the committees and follow through with the tasks. Possible committee responsibilities could include gathering prizes, finding sponsorships from local businesses with the help of your local March of Dimes office, promoting the event, and registering participants in advance and day-of. Check with the bowling alley if they can donate a bowling pin as a possible prize to give your event extra flare!

Set entry fee: Work with your members and your local office to find a reasonable fee. See if local businesses can donate giveaway items, prizes and food. The more you can offer to attendees, the more willing they will pay to attend.

Bowling for Babies events can be hosted by volunteers of all ages!

Bowling for Babies can be hosted by volunteers of all ages

GO! Day of the event
On the day of the event, make sure every member is up to speed on the logistics of the event, including time and location. During the event, include a mission moment about the March of Dimes to engage the audience about our mission. This could include a mission family, a video from, a poem or a personal story. Be aware of the momentum of the event and judge when it is appropriate to announce a contest or when it is better to let the bowlers enjoy socializing.

At the end of the day, make sure the crowd, your members and you are having a great time. Thank everyone for working for stronger, healthier babies.

Now let’s hear from you!
How are you boosting your March for Babies totals with event fundraising?

9 Apr

Sherri and Val (Source: ABC)

Sherri and Val (Source: ABC)

We hope you all saw Sherri’s inspiring dance last week performed as a tribute to her son, Jeffrey, who was born prematurely and for whom Sherri dedicates her March of Dimes volunteerism. And she will take to the dance floor again tonight! Tune in to ABC and help support Sherri’s journey to win the Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy! Let’s all vote to show Sherri our appreciation and support! Phone number: 800-VOTE4-06 Text code: 3406

9 Apr

Over 150 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students from around the state marched to Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, VT, on Friday, March 30, to celebrate the accomplishments and work for healthy babies that is being done throughout the state. They also kicked off the Burlington March for Babies event which will take place on May 5, 2012.

Dr. Roger Young, obstetrician at Fletcher Allen and member of the March of Dimes National Board of Directors, addressed the students on the importance of full term birth and healthy babies. He also talked about the successful reduction in pre-term birthrates in Vermont to a national low of 8.4%.

Roger Clapp, state director of the March of Dimes, encouraged the students to work in their communities to educate their peers on the importance of good health practice for mothers and babies alike.

Thank you to the Vermont State FBLA, a national partner with the March of Dimes, for kicking off March for Babies at your annual state spring conference! All Vermont FBLA chapters will be participating in their local March for Babies campaigns this spring.

Did you go to a March for Babies Kickoff? Tell us about it!

6 Apr

Looking for creative, new fundraising ideas for your March for Babies team? Check out these options! They are designed for all of our student volunteers – but can work for any age group!

Set up a trivia night — Organize a fun night with food and board games, with a $5.00 admission.

Sponsor study snacks — Set up a table during exam time and sell bags of trail mix, nuts and candy to keep students alert.

Have a mini Super Bowl — You also can organize a massive game of tag, ultimate Frisbee® or a Quidditch match at your school or local park. Recruit players and raise money by selling food and admission tickets.

Make a birthday wish — Have friends and family make donations to the March of Dimes instead of giving you gifts.

Go Project Runway — Organize a fashion show that features clothing from local stores. It’s a great way for stores to showcase their clothes. Prom and formal wear are naturals. Hold your event in a central location and use the admission fee to raise money for the March of Dimes.

Cutout campaign — Pick up cutouts at your March of Dimes office and have an in-school competition to see which grade can raise more money selling them. Post sold cutouts in a central part of the school so classmates can feel good about the difference they are making in their community.

What’s your most creative fundraising idea this spring to help raise money for healthy babies?

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