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31 Mar

Julie Bowen, star of ABC’s hit comedy, Modern Family, is one of thousands of caring people who has already joined and is raising money for March for Babies 2010.

Will you join her? Listen to Julie as she tells you why she supports the March of Dimes mission to give every baby a healthy start.

31 Mar

More than 35,000 of you have already discovered how easy it is to raise money on Facebook using our 2010 Facebook Application. Well, starting today expect to see some brand new features that will make it even better!

Namely our new game board! Click to enlarge!

Now you can play the game, spread the word and raise money! The best part is, if you’re already using the app, you will automatically get the update! Here is how to access the game board:

  1. 1. Go into the March for Babies application by clicking “Applications” at the bottom left corner and choosing “March for Babies.”
  2. 2. On the “Baby Steps” game board, select your activity.
  3. 3. Each completed activity, from inviting friends to sending e-mails, earns you a special reward.
  4. 4. Brag about your progress on your wall.
  5. 5. Come back any time to repeat an activity and increase your fundraising.

If you don’t have it installed, get it here! As always, let us know what you think!

UPDATED: Some folks are having trouble with the status bar updating for your Facebook application. This issue should be resolved with the new version of the app. However, if it has been more than a few hours since a donation and your total still has not changes, try this: go into the application and make sure you have clicked on “Would you like to receive donation updates?” This will ensure updates are delivered to you when you get new donations.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall and reinstall the application. just make sure you click the link above!

Still need help? Please e-mail us!

29 Mar

Are you participating with your coworkers this year? Walking in March for Babies is one of the most meaningful things you can do as a team – and a great time for anyone in the company. It really is what you make it though, and the sky is the limit!

Pour your heart into it – Know a special baby or child? Dedicate your walk to a little someone in your life to motivate you in your fundraising and inspire your supporters.


Bring some fun to it – What are you willing to do if you reach your goal? Dye your hear purple, perform a heartfelt rendition of “Ain’t no mountain high enough” in the cafeteria…


Stir up friendly competition – Yes, you’re on the same team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show the folks in Accounting just the kind of stuff Purchasing is made of!


Make it rewarding – Does your company offer March for Babies incentives? If not, ask your team captain to up the stakes. A lunch with the boss for the top fundraiser, a day off for $500+ walkers…


Is your company walking, give them a shout-out in the comments. And share your own tips, what’s working for you or your team?

29 Mar

I grew up in Key Club, one of the youth national service partners for the March of Dimes, as a kid, so much so that walking to fight birth defects, prematurity, and infant mortality became a ritual. Today, as a sophomore in college, I can’t help but thank the March of Dimes for its role in my life as well as in the lives of many others.

While I may have not been born premature, it is easy for me to see the impact it has in the world around me. From my time in Key Club, I was able to serve the March of Dimes through bakes sales, car washes, advocacy campaigns, and of course March for Babies. However, nothing meant more to me then being able to speak in person with a family truly touched by the March of Dimes.

When I was visiting Denver, Colorado for our Key Club International Board Meeting two years ago, I was greeted by the smile of a young boy named Austin. To give you some history, Austin was born 3 months premature. He spent the first 2 months in a womb-like environment before being upgraded to an incubator, which his parent’s cleverly called the “Cadillac.” Because of the funds that our organization and others had donated, the March of Dimes was able to support much of the care and treatment that may have saved Austin’s life.

Being able to hear the family’s story firsthand, I could not help but be touched by the lasting impression the March of Dimes had made on their lives. This motivated me to continue to work with the March of Dimes beyond high school into college.

Today, I am able to serve our youth partners across the nation in their efforts to help babies born too soon, too small, or too sick to survive. I challenge the youth of our nation to recognize the benefits of having healthy mothers and healthy babies in our world and to do something to make these benefits become a reality.

For this reason, I ask you to join me in this year’s “March for Babies” at an area near you!

Today’s guest blog post comes from National Youth Council member Joe Schibi, a sophomore at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ.

25 Mar

FedEx Racing driver Denny Hamlin will drive a special #11 FedEx Office/March for Babies Toyota in the “SUBWAY Fresh Fit 600™” at Phoenix International Raceway on Saturday, April 10, 2010 in effort to rev up the revenue for the March of Dimes and give every baby a healthy start in life.

“This is the third year in a row that I raced the March for Babies car at the Phoenix Raceway,” said Hamlin. “Last year we placed sixth and I’m hoping this year we’ll win! I want to do everything I can to help raise awareness for the amazing work the March of Dimes does so that more babies are born healthy.”

The #11 FedEx Office/March for Babies® Toyota was unveiled today during a ceremony at Joe Gibbs Racing Inc. in Huntersville, N.C. Hamlin and team owner Joe Gibbs were on hand to reveal the special paint scheme for the Phoenix Cup race.

During the race, Hamlin also will wear a helmet designed by Morgan, Preston and Chase Copeland. The triplets are the children of FedEx Office employee Alan Copeland and were born seven weeks premature in 2005. Today, their dad says, Morgan, Preston and Chase are healthy, active four-year-olds thanks to the March of Dimes-funded treatments and the medical care they received.

Check out the press release for all the details!

25 Mar

Kelly Clarkson, Team Youth Celebrity Spokesperson

Kelly Clarkson, Team Youth Celebrity Spokesperson

While Kelly is touring internationally and revving up for her Lilith tour, her loyal fans are raising money to honor her birthday and March of Dimes efforts!

Shout out to Kelly Clarkson Express Board fans, who have already started their March for Babies fundraising campaign in Kelly’s honor. Check out their progress. Let us know what your best fundraising ideas this spring are in the comments section!

22 Mar

Ford Motor Company President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally is helping the March of Dimes give all babies a healthy start in life with a new public service announcement.

Find out more by heading over to our news desk!

18 Mar

Is this your first March for Babies, or are you a seasoned veteran? When it comes to fundraising, I think most of us can use some new ideas.


  • Tell your story – Nothing inspires people to give like your personal story. Tell your potential donors who you’re walking for, how they can help and how much that would mean to you.


  • Ease into it – Ask your family first, and your closest friends. Once you feel confident, reach out to your coworkers, doctor, your kids’ teachers, etc.


  • Set your giving options – Did you know you can customize the gift amounts people see on your fundraising page? A higher suggested gift may encourage people to increase their donation.


  • Go offine – Raising money online is the most effective and easiest way to increase your goal. But there are probably people you know who are not on your Facebook, or who you have no e-mail for. Do ask in person, and use our printable badges.


Now it’s your turn. Thousands of new family teams are walking in March for Babies for the very first time this year. What advice can you give them? How do you raise those dollars?

17 Mar

Representing their mile of dimes at the school assembly.

Representing their mile of dimes at the school assembly.

Centennial High School FBLA in Oregon continues to grow in their fundraising efforts! Previously, they won the FBLA National Community Service Project with their efforts for the March of Dimes. This year, they used a variety of fundraising approaches to raise a mile of dimes – $11,333 to be exact, the most they have ever raised! Their most creative fundraiser was “Dancing with the Staff” where staff and students were paired in a dancing competition. They also raised money in the school, and held other events such as Bunco for Babies.

What were this team’s keys to success? Fun! Creativity! And a strong understanding of the cause. Led by a dedicated, outstanding FBLA adviser & teacher at the school, these students kept up their efforts all year to surpass their goal. Congrats to Adriann and all the students for their amazing work!

The FBLA also hosted a school assembly once they raised a mile of dimes, recognizing their team and congratulating the entire school on their efforts. The winning dance due performed, and they had a visual representation of dimes with $90 of dimes representing the $11,333 they raised as you can see in the photo.

For more on their success, check out their press coverage. Check out their Facebook page with Dancing with the Staff video & photos. And watch the phenomenal March of Dimes video they made for their school.

What has your FBLA, school or team done that has been fun & creative to support March for Babies? Share here!

12 Mar
Online Fundraising

Does My Head Look Big In This?

Posted by Online Fundraising

Sometimes the hardest part about fundraising is getting started. I know for me, making the initial ask of someone–especially someone I may not have been in touch with for a while–can be a little tough.

This may be the reason why so many people use our animated e-card to break the ice. Have you see it? It’s fun, funny and best of all, you can personalize it with your own message and your own (or your baby’s), slightly out of proportion, head!

Be warned: this may cause laughter and donations!

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