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14 Apr

Nancy's new book

Full of Life by Nancy O Dell

Congratulations and thank you to Nancy O’Dell (Access Hollywood), a long-time March of Dimes Mom, who just released a new book for moms-to-be.


With a good dose of humor, Nancy shares her experiences of what she didn’t expect when expecting her own baby. Healthy, beautiful Ashby is now 22 months old. On the TODAY show last week, Nancy talked about how being a March of Dimes spokesperson made her more aware of ways to prepare, such as taking folic acid. 


March for Babies helps raise vital funding for programs that educate women about how to have a healthy pregnancy. Nancy and other Hollywood Moms are teaming up – and you can help too. Donate to their Los Angeles team to honor a mom-to-be in your life!

10 Apr

Fundraising with Facebook

Posted by Volunteers

Want to use your profile to turn a March for Babies profit? Follow these tips:


  • Put your March for Babies personal fundraising link in your status update. People really rally around a tangible goal so try a message like “I am $150 away from $500. If 30 of my 200 friends each donate $5, I’ll reach my goal!” For extra pep, share with a link, video, or cute baby photo! 


  • Add the App. The March for Babies Facebook application provides a dynamic badge for your profile and publishes a story each time you receive a donation. It’s an excellent way to get the word out that you’re helping the babies.


  • Create an event. Create a “Help Me Support Healthy Babies” Facebook event and invite all of your friends. Include your fundraising link, an ask for donations and team members, and post motivational pictures and videos.


Have you fundraised successfully on Facebook? Share best practices with us about using Facebook to raise money for March for Babies.

10 Apr

Dimes to Dollars

Posted by Volunteers
FDR and Basil O'Connor Counting Dimes

FDR and Basil O Connor

During the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked America to help defeat that era’s biggest threat to our children – polio. He called on all families to collect dimes, just dimes. Did you go door to door? Did your grandparents? Times were tough, but millions of people sent millions of dimes to the White House. Those dimes added up fast and helped researchers find the cure.


Now, $10 can help defeat prematurity. Just ask for $10 for babies. And then ask if your sponsor could ask two others to give $10, too. That’s what I’ve always done, and I’ve watched my fundraising total go up and up.  And, in more good news, I’ve always been amazed by how many sponsors donated more than $10 – much more!


America remembers polio. America needs to know about prematurity. Try connecting the dots. Then tell us if it works for you!

9 Apr

March for Babies Rocks!

Posted by Linda

Just ask Dee Snider! The former Twisted Sister front man and March of Dimes spokesperson stopped by National Office to get everyone excited.


This cause is special to Dee – two of own his children were born too soon. He normally comes out for Bikers for Babies, so having him show up for March for Babies was a special treat!


Dee travels with an entourage. Picture this: a sea of chrome by the front entrance and lots of leather in the cafeteria. Not exactly business as usual for us at the March of Dimes, but it sure was a lot of fun!


Of course he rocked the house, or rather, the resource room:



Thanks Dee, we love you!

8 Apr

FCCLA “Spins” to Help Babies!

Posted by Volunteers

I’m not talking about the popular fitness class or bicycle racing or even the old fashion wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on. Family Career and Community Leaders of America in Three Forks, Montana spun something much sweeter to help the babies.


At home basketball games, students attached facts about prematurity and the March of Dimes to bags of cotton candy and sold them to benefit the March of Dimes. They also sold popcorn and collected spare change from students in their school. These sharp students realized that home basketball games were a happening place to be in their community and they used this to their fundraising advantage.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

FCCLA students selling popcorn and cotton candy to support the March of Dimes.

Are you turning a hometown tradition into a fundraising opportunity? Have you spotted where the people are and taken your March for Babies ask there? We’d love to hear about how you’re reaching your community and helping all babies!

8 Apr

For Sweet Little Madeline

Posted by Linda

Like a lot of people, I’ve become addicted to following the life of little Maddie and her family on mom Heather’s blog The Spohrs Are Multiplying.


This family had more than enough scares after their daughter was born 11 weeks too soon. Then came the tweets from the doctor’s office, and the ambulance and the hospital… Sweet little Madeline Alice Spohr died last night. She was only 17 months old.


There is just one other thing as heart wrenchingly sad as the death of a child, and that is the parents who are left behind. My heart breaks for Heather and Mike.


Heather is a March of Dimes Mom. She, Mike and Maddie were getting ready to walk in LA on April 25th. Wherever you’re walking this year, please take a couple of steps in honor of their beautiful little girl.

7 Apr

Blister Busters

Posted by Linda
One way to avoid blisters

One way to avoid blisters

Annoying? Yes. Unavoidable? No! You don’t have to put up with blisters on March for Babies day. Just follow these tips.


Train. I know you don’t want to hear this. But if you’re not used to walking 6 miles, your body and feet have to prepare.


The right fit. Your shoes can’t be too tight or too roomy. Obvious, right? Still, most of us focus on the length and forget all about the width – just as important!


Sock it up! Many hikers swear by wool. But if your feet get sweaty, synthetic may be better. Go for breathable and seamless.


Something in your shoe? Stop and take it out. Those little stones can play a real number on your feet. Ignore them and you’ll pay the price.


If you’re planning on getting a new pair of shoes. Check out Famous Footwear’s official March for Babies shoes. They’re super comfortable… and they’re 10% off (not $10, thanks Claudine) with this coupon! Famous donates $5 of every purchase to the March of Dimes. Don’t forget to break them in before March for Babies day!


If you do get a blister, it’s better to leave it alone. If you burst it, you risk getting it infected. One last tip: pack some band-aids. A blister will be less painful after you cover it.


Any veteran walkers out there who can add their advice?

6 Apr

Read these great tips from our incoming National Youth Council Chair Neha, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University and this week’s youth guest blogger!

1. Write down a list of different “groups” of people you know.
For me it was: my roommates, my research lab, my dance team, my family, the staff at the NICU, my closest friends from high school, my favorite teachers from college and high school.

2. Then try to think of at least 5 names in each of these categories.
This really helps me organize who I wanted to ask and to categorize where/how I knew that person.

3. Write a personal email to each person asking them for a donation.
For people in the same category, you can write a very similar letter and just tweak it a little. Send them a link to your March for Babies page, tell them about the team you are walking with or the person you are walking in honor of and keep them posted of the new exciting things you have been working on with the March of Dimes.
For me, my biggest donors were my family members and old teachers. My old teachers loved hearing from me and how I was doing in college, and it helped me keep in touch with old contacts. 

4. Send a Facebook thread to ALL of your friends. This also does not take up much time. Send it to everyone you know, and if they want to, they can go to your March for Babies page and donate.

Thanks, Neha! Have you thought about ALL the different people you know from all different categories of your life? Sports, school, clubs, jobs, parents’ friends, neighbors… who else have you reached out to this year to make a difference for babies?

3 Apr

Watch This, Really.

Posted by Linda

This doesn’t need words. It’s why we all do what we do.



If this video moved you, add it to your blog, Facebook or Myspace page. And leave us your thoughts.

3 Apr

Future Business Leaders of America members in Connecticut showed their excitement for March for Babies at their state conference this past Monday. These high school students came to the March of Dimes booth prepared with questions about fundraising, awareness, and bringing the message of healthy babies into their schools. We’ve gleaned some tips from students & advisors and thought we would share how to get your FBLA or PBL chapter on the fundraising bandwagon:

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm! Especially if it comes from the student leaders or advisors. If the leadership sets an excited tone, chances are the members will catch the fervor.

Speak from the heart. Find out if there is someone in your club who has been affected by the mission of the March of Dimes and is willing to share his or her story.

Make a plan. Set goals and be strategic in planning your fundraising event. Consider what resources your community has and how you can use those to help give every baby a healthy start!

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