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18 Mar
Online Fundraising

Get Your Facebook App!

Posted by Online Fundraising

Are you on Facebook? You have to get our great app! This may just give your campaign the push you need.


Our widget sits right on your profile page and shows your goal and progress (updates automatically every couple of hours). If you have 200 friends on Facebook, this probably includes a bunch of people you wouldn’t have e-mailed a donation request to. I’m talking new people to reach and new fundraising opportunities!


This is cool: People can click and donate right on your page – and all these donations show up on your wall where they may inspire other friends to give.


To get the app, you have to log on to personal March for Babies account.


     •     Click on the “get a custom widget” button to the left of your screen


     •     Choose the Facebook option and click “get it now”


     •     Log on to your Facebook account


     •     On the next screen, click “allow”


     •     Add the widget to your wall and Info tab where its most visible


     •     The widget should now show up on your profile page and info tab! 


There’s more you can do on Facebook to help boost your fundraising. You can send the app to 20 friends a day – inviting them to add the app to their page, too. And you can post your March for Babies fundraising video on Facebook.


Let us know how you’re using Facebook to promote March for Babies!

17 Mar
March for Babies 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida

March for Babies '08 in Jacksonville, FL

I learned asking for donations in a bad economy is not business as usual. More than halfway to go to reach my goal, I decided to adjust course. So, I’ve been talking to some of our bigger fundraisers here at the national office.

“Think of every ask as a sales call,” was one person’s advice. “You have to sell the benefits of their donation to the March of Dimes.”


That may make sense if sales are, say, what you do for a living. For the rest of us, let me break it down:


Get personal: E-mail is great, but when the donations stop coming in, approaching people in person is your best tactic. One good thing, it gets much harder to say no.


Think positive: And smile when you’re asking: it’s contagious. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm for the cause will inspire people to give.


Make the sell: Explain how their gift will help babies and families. Talk about the work the March of Dimes does. And remind everyone of the tax deduction next year!


The biggest thing right now is to just ask. If someone helped you before, give them the opportunity to help again. All you can do is be sensitive and acknowledge hard times. People can say no. They don’t need us to do it for them.


Have you changed tactics to raise money this year? Post your advice here!

13 Mar

Want to be a Pampered Chef?

Posted by Volunteers

Around the country, Pampered Chef representatives are hosting March for Babies parties for walkers to help raise money, donating a portion of proceeds. Fabulous chef or quick and easy cook, there are wonderful kitchen gadgets and cookwear for all! The March of Dimes National Office Team had great success with this – and so can you.  Bon appetit!

11 Mar

Our very own Sherri Shepherd was Bonnie’s guest yesterday. They shared some laughs and also talked March for Babies. Sherri brought Bonnie some comfy new sneakers: Famous Footwear’s official March for Babies shoe! Famous Footwear is donating $5 for every pair sold. 


Sherri and Bonnie having a great time

Sherri and Bonnie sharing a laugh ©Bonnie Hunt Show














Sherri also mentioned her son Jeffrey, her inspiration for supporting the March of Dimes and March for Babies: “They gave us the worse diagnosis, but my son is walking, he’s running, he says ‘I love you, mommy’, so this is a gift.”


This April, Sherri is walking in LA and she invited Bonnie to join her. “Of course I’ll walk!” She’s already got the shoes!

10 Mar

Companies that Care

Posted by Linda

When a big company joins March for Babies it’s always exciting because it means we’ll have another big team out there, walking and raising money! There’s power in numbers.


It’s also great to know there are so many companies that want to take care of their families and the families in their communities. Kind of a welcome break from all those negative stories in the media.


I wanted to share this video with you. It’s a message from Doug Hawthorne, the CEO of Texas Health Resources and Chair of the Dallas March for Babies. He does a wonderful job explaining why it’s so important for his organization to get involved:



This is an inspiration. Thank you to all our company teams and sponsors!

6 Mar

Lunch Wednesday at the March of Dimes National Office was anything but ordinary. Sheryl Underwood, International Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., was on site to share how she & the Zetas are going to increase their efforts to help every baby be born healthy!

President Sheryl Underwood greets March of Dimes staff Sandra Allen & LaVonia Anderson

President Sheryl Underwood greets March of Dimes staff Sandra Allen & LaVonia Anderson

The March of Dimes has worked with Zeta Phi Beta for over thirty years, and has had a great partnership with the sorority’s involvement in the Stork’s Nest program & in March for Babies. I was particularly excited, however, to hear President Underwood’s enthusiasm for working with youth populations. Zeta Phi Beta has Archonettes, Amicettes, and Pearlettes youth groups, and President Underwood has fantastic ideas & energy to reach these young women with the message of living a healthy lifestyle.


I can’t wait to engage new volunteers in education, fundraising, & youth leadership! Are you working with students to encourage healthy lifestyles? Or do you have an adult advisor whose enthusiasm for young people volunteering is contagious? We’d love to hear about it! A big thank you to President Sheryl Underwood and to all youth advisors who provide vision & encouragement in promoting youth volunteerism.

3 Mar

Pi Delta Psi is On the Move

Posted by Volunteers

Gotta give props to one of our newest national Greek partners, Pi Delta Psi. This year they hope to have all the brothers walking on March for Babies day, and they got a great start this weekend at the University of Central Florida KnightWalk in Orlando.  From getting newspaper coverage to hosting a range of great fundraising events, Pi Delta Psi was on fire down in Florida. The UCF chapter held a Taste of Asia event, getting foods donated representing all of Asia and collecting donations from students. They also set up a table in the main section of campus, in front of the Student Union, to collect donations.

For Pi Delta Psi this year, the walk means even more – one of their brothers had a premature baby and they are walking in honor of baby Parker Edward Chen. Born two and a half months premature, he is still in the hospital today. All members are asked to give at least $10 or more, but I can see these brothers far exceeding that! Pi Delta Psi, thanks for being Champions for Babies. Have a Pi Delta Psi on your campus? Make sure you connect with them on fundraising events.

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