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31 Mar

Enter To Win $10,000

Posted by Volunteers

That’s correct! Good Earth Tea & Coffee is running a promotion where the March of Dimes and you could win $10,000 each! YES, YOU could win $10,000!

Enter and select “March of Dimes” as your charity. Only one entry per household. Pass it on to 5 of your friends or co-workers!

31 Mar

8 Reasons Why People Give

Posted by Linda
Getting ready to walk!

Getting ready to walk!

We bump into each other. You tell me what you’ve been up to, I tell you what I’ve been up to. Then you mention that you’re walking in March for Babies this year. Maybe I want to help out?


Let’s assume I can, and will. Obviously I’m a nice person, but I just may have a couple of other reasons to give you a donation.


1.   I can use the tax deduction, either that or I’m in a hurry

2.   I know you, I like you and I want to help

3.   I am touched by your story and want to help

4.   I want to feel good about myself and you’ve just given me the opportunity

5.   I feel I have a lot to be thankful for and want to give back

6.   I like doing something that could change a baby’s life

7.   I have always given to the March of Dimes – this was an easy sell

8.   I feel connected and want to be a part of this community


If I’m a number 1, take the money and run (okay, thank me first). Number 2-5, you want to treat me right. If I can, I will certainly help you again next year. Number 6-8? This is what you need to find out!


You told me something about yourself, now try to learn something about me. Who knows, you may end up with a new walker and fundraiser on your team. And you can help me find other opportunities to contribute.


Many of you have commented on this blog how donations are great, but people want to help out in other ways, too. Just like you are doing.


Did you shoot for a donor and end up with an active supporter?

30 Mar

March for Babies, Campus Style

Posted by Volunteers
Hip Hop Performers at KnightWalk

Hip Hop Performers at KnightWalk

Across the country, college students are doing their own March for Babies events on campus to raise awareness and funds for the March of Dimes. These dedicated student leaders spend countless hours finding sponsors, donors, teams, water, food, tents and more to make a fun and successful event because they know the end result is so worth it – reaching the day when every baby is born healthy.

For University of Central Florida student and March of Dimes intern Julia, it is all about making UCF a “Champion for Babies” and raising the bar each year on their campus event, KnightWalk. Led by the UCF March of Dimes Collegiate Council, the event is set to surpass its $10,000 goal – go Knights!

To up the excitement factor, UCF added “Field Day for Babies” to the mix this year and had students competing in tug-of-war and potato sack races at the halfway point. Not only did they spice up the walk route, but they had hip-hop performers entertain the crowd before the walk started and UCF Group Exercise instructors lead everyone in the warm-up stretches! President of UCF John Hitt along with other community leaders spoke at the event, and a local Ambassador Family brought the mission home to all who attended.

I also asked Chloe, a sophomore at the University of Virginia who is gearing up for the first ever UVA March for Babies, what her event was all about and she shared: “As a national youth representative of the March of Dimes National Youth Council, I along with the members of the Tau Theta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. are currently in the midst of planning for the 1st Annual UVA March for Babies at UVa on April 18, 2009.  I have received tremendous support thus far from my peers including those in the Second-Year Council and local vendors as sponsors of the event, along with Greek and non-Greek organizations on campus.” They’ve set a goal of over 100 walkers for this first year and I know they’ll make it.

Holding an event on your campus? Interested in learning more? Leave us some love and let us know about your event!

30 Mar

This Wednesday, April 1, we’ll be announcing our 2009 March for Babies Celebrity Chair. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, she’s a new mom and we’re just thrilled she’s getting involved and speaking out for healthy babies!


Speaking of stars… Here’s a thank you to all our celebrity spokespeople who inspire their thousands of fans to follow their example. Like Sherri Shepherd, whose own son was born prematurely, Kelly Clarkson, our Team Youth Ambassador and Thalia, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl last year.


While we wait for the big reveal, who would you like to see as a March for Babies spokesperson? And don’t just think moms, any celebrity dads out there who would do a good job?

27 Mar

Love Those Famous Footwear Shoes!

Posted by Volunteers

Okay Famous Footwear shoe lovers, get ready for another great pair of shoes that will help save babies! 


Starting this weekend (Sunday, March 29), visit your local Famous Footwear store or go online to and purchase a pair of the Official Shoe of March for Babies and the March of Dimes will receive $5 for every pair sold!  This year’s shoe is a women’s Natural Sport called the Ignition.


If you have already registered for March for Babies, look for an email during the first week of April with a 10% off coupon!  If you have not yet registered for March for Babies, do so before April 7th to receive your 10% off coupon!

25 Mar
Walking in the spring

Springtime, March for Babies time!

Donor fatigue, giver burnout… what they mean is “hey, you’re not the only one asking me to help out.”


While you’re sending out your e-mails for March for Babies, people are getting plenty of other appeals in their e-mail and mailbox. So how do you break through the clutter?


Make them feel special: True, yours is only one of many requests. But you have a huge advantage over anonymous direct mailers: you know you these people. So, don’t send letters or e-mails in bulk. Personalize them! If you can make your donors feel they are being asked especially, they will be more likely to help.


Know what you’re talking about: Everyone’s hitting them up, but, with a little ready knowledge, you can stand out. And I’m not talking stats. Use your own story, or emphasize a project or goal of the March of Dimes that you care about – like supporting families in the NICU, or finding ways to prevent prematurity.


You know what? I don’t like being asked for money. But when I do decide to donate, I really enjoy the good feeling of giving that gift. It’s not that different from giving a present you know someone will really enjoy.


Have you experienced donor fatigue? How are you combating it?

24 Mar
Online Fundraising

What to do with Cash and Checks

Posted by Online Fundraising
Farmer's Insurance presents a big check!

Big check from Farmers Insurance

You probably experienced how easy and fun it is to receive online donations. Don’t you just love those e-mails that tell you you’ve got another donation?


So, what do with any checks or cash you receive? You have a couple of options:


1.          Bring them with you the day of your walk and hand them in at the event


2.          Mail the donations to your state’s chapter office ahead of time


3.          If you’re walking with your company team, there may be a Bank Day

             at your office


Regardless of which option you choose, don’t forget to add the cash/check donations to your March for Babies page and print a copy of your sponsor form.

To add/check check donations manually, log on. Click on the “view sponsor form” tab. Click the “add cash/check” donations section – you’ll have to scroll down.


In the pop-up window, enter the donor’s information and amount (we’ll need an e-mail address to send them an e-mail confirmation/receipt). Select “yes” in the “received” section to mark the donation as being received (the donation will not appear on your progress bar until you do this this). Click “submit” and repeat for any other checks or cash donations.

To print your sponsor form, click the “view sponsor form” link. Select the “printer-friendly form.”

23 Mar
Online Fundraising

Trouble Adding a Picture to Your Page?

Posted by Online Fundraising
March for Babies '08 Sacramento

March for Babies 2008, Sacramento

Did you try to add a picture to your personal fundraising page and got an “ILLEGAL ATTEMPT” error message in return? Here’s what happened: Your picture probably didn’t meet the requirements of our site. Right now, all pictures have to be saved as .jpg or .gif. If you see another extention, open your picture and “save as” a jpeg.


If your picture has the right format, it may just have been too large. Try resizing it to no larger than 250kb. How to do this depends on the software you use. If you’re having difficulties, send your image to

20 Mar

Kelly Clarkson

So you might have caught her on SNL last week. Or Good Morning America. Or Oprah today. Get the picture? Kelly is on fire right now with a #1 album, All I Ever Wanted! And as you regular readers know, she is also a superstar for healthier babies.

Kelly’s fans, though, are the coolest. I just read an outstanding comment on our blog about Kelly and the March of Dimes – what if each fan donated just $5? What a huge difference that would make in the lives of babies and families!

So big shout-outs to all the fans; you can get on board too by donating that $5 to Team Kelly or forming your own team for March for Babies. The Kelly Clarkson Express Board raises money every year in honor of her birthday, and Kellyville does online auctions with proceeds going to the March of Dimes. Spread the word on the $5 fan campaign… Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… let all the KC lovers unite to help healthier babies, then come here and tell us about it! Rock on.

19 Mar

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Posted by Volunteers

Yes, it’s almost Tax Day. I know we mentioned this a while back, you can get your taxes done for free! Yes, we said free!


How, you might ask? On March 27, as part of their March for Babies sponsorship, Liberty Tax Service offices nationwide will be offering free tax preparation to those customers who make a $50 donation at a Liberty Tax Service office to March for Babies. Participation details may vary, so call 1-866-871-1040 and ask to be connected to your local office to find out details.


You may even end up saving you a little money when getting your taxes done this year!

Let us know if you’ll be participating in Liberty Tax Services’ Free Tax Prep Day for March for Babies.

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