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14 Jan

Early Bird has a Blog

Posted by Linda

Alright, I did activate my profile and even put up a new picture (my little boy one year older, just as cute)… but now I still have to find some time to update my message and let everyone know our family is walking. Meanwhile, many of you have already signed up for March for babies 2009, are raising money AND blogging about it too!


And why not? Mentioning March for Babies on your blog can be as easy as downloading a badge. Anyone who clicks on it lands directly on your fundraising page. Or, since you have a captive audience on your site, talk a little more about your walk, or your team.


That’s what Angie did on her blog. Last year, her team Chunky Monkey raised $1,500 and the first donations for 2009 are already in. Kristy and Howard blog about their family Team Isaac and Asher. Sassy Pants Freckle Face blogs about Team Montana Mamas – worth a click even just to see her beautiful picture on her badge.


At Becca’s Baby Blog, Becca announced how she’s already raised $140. “And every penny (dime) of that has come from generous people on the internet that I have never met in person.” That was this Sunday, her total is now up to $175.


Shannon, doesn’t just blog, she also has an Etsy store. For March for Babies 2009, she entices her donors with a raffle of a beautiful handmade bag and baby quilt. What a great idea!


You may have been blogging about March for Babies too and I just missed it. Leave me a comment with your link and I look forward to stopping by!

8 Jan

No Time Like the Present

Posted by Linda

Welcome to 2009! I hope your Holidays were as fun and fulfilling, and maybe a little less exhausting than mine. So much for starting the New Year refreshed.


One good thing about this time of year though: New Year’s resolutions. Mine is to finally get off my butt. And one of the best forms of exercise if you’re really out of shape (that would be me) is walking. Yep, it’s that simple. Although depending on where you live, you may have to don a ski suit just to go outside to get the mail.


Once the weather starts easing up, make sure you’re ready. March for Babies is going to sneak up on us. Yes I know, it’s not a marathon. Sure, you can do it unprepared. But you’ll pay for it the next day – trust me.


Here’s an idea. If you’re participating with a team this year, whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, see if some of your team members would like to walk with you before March for Babies day. Even an hour once or twice a week will make a difference.


Working out together is always smart: you’re more likely to get out there when you know someone else is waiting for you. And these walks can be a good opportunity to catch up on all things March for Babies, to share your progress and motivate each other.


So what do you say? Or do you have your own way of getting primed for March for Babies? Share it here!

7 Jan

Enthusiasm is key to a jazzed and successful March for Babies youth team. Most March for Babies walk sites host a kick-off to build enthusiasm and provide key messaging for their walkers. Unfortunately for us young folks, these kick-offs often take place during the day when class is the number one priority.


Youths don’t have to miss out on the kick-off fun. Consider working with your local March of Dimes office to host a youth kick-off and invite all youth teams and walkers to attend. Or make your kick-off specific to your school with an old-fashioned pep rally to cheer on your school’s March for Babies team. The key ingredients to a successful kick-off are:


Motivation: Invite someone with a mission connection to speak. This is a great place to feature a teenager or college student with a personal story.


Focus: Set a community youth fund raising goal teams can work towards. Make sure that all teams understand the online fundraising tool. Fundraising breakout sessions where participants can share ideas are a great way to generate ideas and allow walkers to meet one another.


Fun: Of course every good event needs this. Invite local musicians to play, feature school bands, see if local restaurants will donate food, and it doesn’t hurt to throw some dancing into the mix.


When I was in high school, my walk site had a youth kick-off and it turned out a stellar way to reach youth walkers and pump everyone up for March for Babies!

7 Jan

Off and running in the New Year!

Posted by Volunteers

Happy New Year! We are thrilled that nearly 1,000 Family Teams have already registered for March for Babies 2009! Thank you and remember we are here to help in any way. If you have questions, let us know. Share your thoughts and successes with us right here!

6 Jan

All the best for 2009!

Posted by Volunteers

Wishing all March of Dimes volunteers across the country peace and prosperity for the New Year. Without volunteers like you, we can’t achieve our mission — walking together to the day when all babies are born healthy. Many thanks for your help 2008 and in advance for 2009!

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