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30 Jan

Purple Super Bowl

Posted by Linda

Are you doing something big for the Super Bowl this Sunday? Ok, if you’re an Arizona Cardinals or Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that was probably a rhetorical question…


Confession time: four years ago, I couldn’t even have told you what sport the Super Bowl was. And honestly, I didn’t care either. But then I moved here (yes, I do have an excuse – ask me anything about soccer). I’ve gotten a crash course in all things American and will enjoy a good Super Bowl party with the best of them.


Last year, we were invited to my friend Peggy’s house. From the decorations to the food and drinks, she’d really gone all out. I remember I made spinach dip and was kind of embarrassed to even put it down. This affair was catered at a whole different level!


She had a Super Bowl pool as well. Feeling lucky, we picked 4 boxes at $40 and left with $120 which wasn’t bad at all. Are you doing a pool? Why not make the Super Bowl the official start of your March for Babies season? The easiest thing is a 50/50 split between prizes and donation.


After the game, even if your team lost, at least the babies won. What say you… inspired?

28 Jan

Team Youth is pretty awesome – all of our volunteers from elementary to college students, doing amazing fundraising and mission activities all of the time. This spring we’ll have March of Dimes Collegiate Councils such as Bobcats for Babies at Ohio University out there walking; we’ll also have a 1st grade classroom with a class member touched by premature birth out there walking. From the Student Senate in New York to San Diego’s Chain Reaction, and Anna and Frankie in Hawaii to Kendra and Kyle in Florida – we have youth walking everywhere for stronger, healthier babies! It is just so cool.


And you know who else is part of March for Babies? Our Team Youth Celebrity Spokesperson, Kelly Clarkson! Kelly Clarkson and her fans (including these two Team Youth bloggers, we luv u!) raise money in March for Babies and show their support so that one day all babies will be born healthy and strong and on time.

Basically this is just a shout out to our awesome youth walkers and to Kelly Clarkson. Want to give your own shout out to your favorite youth walker? Leave us (and them) some luv with a comment!

27 Jan
Online Fundraising

Help for Teams with Online Fundraising Pages

Posted by Online Fundraising

In reading some of the comments posted to the volunteer blog I’ve noticed that some of our team captains are having a difficult time seeing or editing their team pages. This is a background database issue, so if this happening, please either email our help desk at  or call 1-888-274-3711.  You can also contact your local chapter office.  We want to make sure you can work with your team!

27 Jan

Last week I wrote about why this is my cause and many of you responded with stories that are moving and inspiring, and very personal. Thank you so much for leaving me your comments. I hope you’re sharing these stories on your personal fundraising page as well.


Your page starts out with a generic fundraising message that will stay there if you don’t change it. For your friends and family, that message is only part of the story. What will motivate them to support you, is your story. If your baby was born too soon or sick, write about your journey together. If your children are older now, give everyone a family update. Share pictures or even video – we can help you with both if you run into problems!


Your stories deserve to be heard. Make sure you tell them on your personal fundraising page!

20 Jan

Families, Are You Inspired?

Posted by Volunteers

Now we all know that our Family Teams are already inspired but after today’s revitalizing inauguration and yesterday honoring of Martin Luther King Jr., seems we are all just a bit more motivated, just a bit more excited and ready to focus on service as we’ve been asked to do.


What better way to serve than to help babies be born healthy, to honor and appreciate our babies that have worked so hard to survive and to remember those babies who weren’t strong enough. To all of you who make up our Family Teams, we thank you for your dedication as we respectfully encourage you to take that extra step in 2009, ask that extra friend or colleague for a donation, recruit that extra family member to walk with you and all of us to raise that extra dollar to help give every baby a healthy start in life.


It is up to us to ensure that our babies of today can thrive and prosper as they should. Together, with your help, tomorrow’s babies will walk along with us and succeed.


Let us know what exciting things you and your team are doing to carry out this call to service – what you are doing that is making your Family Team even stronger and better.

20 Jan

With today’s momentous inauguration and yesterday’s honoring of Martin Luther King Jr., there has been an exciting focus on service. Particularly youth service.

Yesterday, Youth Service America kicked off a Semester of Service which runs until Global Youth Service Day, the weekend of April 24-26. What else happens that weekend? For many, it’s March for Babies weekend. You can participate in the Semester of Service through March for Babies participation.

There are a myriad of ways to capitalize on this service-fever, and promote healthy lifestyles and healthy babies within your community. Youth Service America offers a Semester of Service Strategy Guide. Couple this with the March for Babies Youth Toolkit, and you’ll have all the tools you need to make a positive impact.

Planning to commit to healthy babies in your community as part of a Semester of Service? Tell us about it! We love to hear how youth are frontrunners in the effort to give every baby a healthy start.

20 Jan
Online Fundraising

Love the Online Fundraising Action!

Posted by Online Fundraising

Wow, it is January 2009!  I lost some calendar days here (does that happen to parents?)


My little ones and we parents had some bronchitis over the holidays so I am slow in getting back to blogging. But I love being back and seeing all the action online!


Lets see, Paul, you asked about setting up an event in the Music City – I assume that is Nashville. Great city. You can call your local chapter and they will handle that for you. When you are online, scroll down and click on find local chapter. That will give you contact info. 


Andrea -so you made your dad the team captain and he does not know it yet?  The one who does not go to the committee meeting becomes the chair as we all know… No problem – call your local chapter and they can fix it. 


And Jackie, don’t thank us – we thank you for being such a great mom.  We hope everyone spreads the word about online fundraising and how it is easy to use and a great way to spread the message.

16 Jan

This is My Cause

Posted by Linda

There are many great causes that deserve our time and money. Why do I care so much about this one?


Haden was born right when he was supposed to. He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces – some of his first baby outfits were snug from the go. I have seen the tiny babies in their isolates. I cry for them, I can’t help it. But I won’t pretend to know the pain their parents feel.


As a working mom, when I’m not around Haden, I worry. Will he eat his breakfast, will he be warm enough if he goes outside, will he stay away from the road? This is what I’ve never had to worry about: will he make it through the night, will he be able to start breathing on his own, will he get through the surgery to repair his heart?


No mom should have to worry about these things. When a baby is fighting for his life, a life that has only just begun, it makes me sad. It makes me angry. It keeps me up at night. And it makes me want to do something, anything.


I feel responsible. I am responsible. We all are. As moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and everyone, it is our job to protect not just our own babies, but all babies.


There are many great causes. But this is mine.


How about you? Why do you care so much?

16 Jan

Looking for a cool way to raise money for March for Babies? Check out what Long Island is doing with schools and districts – challenging them to raise a mile of dimes this spring!


One mile has 5,280 feet – and if you raise a mile, you can raise as much as $10,560 for your March for Babies team! Class challenges, grade challenges, and asking local businesses to sponsor a few feet are just a few of the ways the students will be participating.


Students are encouraged to sell a quarter mile of dimes, $2,640, and become an official member of the Quarter Mile Club. They will seek out their teachers, friends, parents, relatives, coaches and others to buy feet of dimes, yards of dimes, and maybe even a whole quarter mile to join the club.


Every time a sale is made, a student has the opportunity to educate the public about healthy babies and prematurity and its effect upon the community. Check out some of our resources for Mile of Dimes on the Team Youth site!


What creative ways are you raising money for March for Babies this year?

15 Jan

Register and run! Hit the road in the virtual world and in your neighborhood now to start building your team. It’s the snowball effect! The more walkers you have, the more money you can raise because each walker is working their networks to find sponsors just like you are. For returning Team Captains, be sure to touch base with a save-the-date message and reminder to everyone to register online. Happy trails…

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