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18 Dec

Cathy and I wish all our friends and Family Teams a very happy holiday and best wishes for a peaceful New Year. We look forward to assisting all our family teams with your March for Babies efforts in 2009. Let us know how we can help you!

17 Dec
Online Fundraising

Team Pages

Posted by Online Fundraising

Hi Jill and all other team captains out there.  First of all, many thanks for getting a jump start on registering and getting your teams ready for 2009. Jill was concerned that she cannot go from her dashboard to manage her team page and that is correct.  As we were moving team data from the 08 online fundraising area to the new 2009 one, a little message did not get through that said ‘allow team captains to see their page’!  A big oops on our part.  It will be ready for your use sometime the week of January 5th. Keep an eye on this blog as we will let you know more specifically when.

9 Dec

The Results Are In!

Posted by Linda

Doesn’t March for Babies ’08 feel like ages ago? It sort of was. Our walk (my first!) in White Plains was in April. And here we are, getting ready for another amazing March for Babies. But first things first. Because I’ve got some numbers I just have to share…


You rallied your families, your friends and your co-workers and you walked – more than half a million of you! You walked in the rain in New York. You braved the morning chill in Baltimore. And you took out the sun block in Kansas City. You walked in places I’ve never heard of (sorry about that). You walked a total of 3 million miles. Let me repeat that for you: 3 million miles! If my math is not too far off, that’s something like 120 trips around the world – or 6 trips to the moon and back!


It’s only natural to get shy asking for money (I know I do). But when you’re asking for babies, apparantly not so much! Here’s my favorite number: you raised $115 million in March for Babies ’08! And that money will go a long way helping babies and their families.


May I just say: wow! And, thank you.


Oh, and just so you know… you kind of raised the bar there for 2009! Are you psyched yet?

9 Dec
Online Fundraising

Thank You, Returning Participants!

Posted by Online Fundraising

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to an enthusiastic returning participant who alerted us to a login problem.  It turned out to be just a quirky little bug that was easily fixed. 


If any of you tried last week to log in but had some difficulty, go ahead and get back on to the site and reactivate, as all is well and running smoothly. 


If you haven’t noticed it on the page, there is a help number you can call if you run into problems – 1.888.274.3711. Thanks again!

2 Dec

Our New Home

Posted by Linda

We’re live! I can’t tell you how excited we all are. And a little relieved as well, now that we can finally catch up on some sleep.


Last year, many of you told us about your experience. You let us know how we could make March for Babies better. And you gave us some great feedback on our Web site.


Thanks so much for that! It’s all of you who give March for Babies its heart and soul and make it a success.  Really, we’re just here to help.


We made a lot of improvements to the March for Babies site. It’s now easier to raise money and promote your walk online. We’ve uploaded great resources for you to use if you’re starting a team this year – which, by the way, you absolutely should! And we’re putting anything new and noteworthy right on our homepage so you can’t miss it.


The first thing you noticed was probably our new look. I can’t take credit for that, but kudos to my colleagues. I just love it!


Here’s what we can’t wait to hear… what do you think of our new site?

1 Dec

Hi, I’m Angela, March for Babies resident blogger. I’ll be reporting from HQ and will keep you informed of anything interesting that comes our way. I hope you’ll return the favor and let me know what’s going on for March for Babies in your neck of the woods!


Being on the March for Babies team, this is pretty much all I’ve been doing for the last few months and the event has sort of become my baby. So when I get a little excited: hey, I’m just a proud mama!


Speaking of… I’m the real-life proud mom of Haden, my 2-year-old. After spending our deliciously chaotic first year together at home, I swapped duties with his dad and started working as a writer at the March of Dimes. I love going to work in the morning as much as I love coming home to my boys at night!


Last year, I walked my very first March for Babies — with Haden and my husband Sam. Oh, and I raised $1000 to help babies. Considering the fact that I have a hard time remembering my last fundraising effort, I’ll admit I was feeling pretty proud. Now I’m hooked and determined to do even better this year!

1 Dec

Family Teams gearing up for 2009!

Posted by Volunteers

Hi and welcome! You’ve come to the right place! As we move into 2009, we are gearing up for another successful year for March for Babies Family Teams!


My name is Cathy and I work for the National Office of the March of Dimes as the Director of Family Team Development. I am joined at the National Office by Kathy, Director of National Promotions and Events. Quite simply, our job is to help make sure Family Teams are growing and having a good time! We work with March of Dimes staff in chapters throughout the country. We also have the opportunity to work with lots of wonderful volunteers too!


Together, we will host this blog site for you! Whether you are a Family Team Captain, a member of a Family Team committee, or a newcomer to the “world of Family Teams”, this is the place to visit!

1 Dec
Online Fundraising

Welcome All 2009 Online Fundraisers!

Posted by Online Fundraising

Hi everyone!  To those of you who are new to March for Babies and Online Fundraising, I am glad you are joining us.  Those returning for another fun year, thanks for joining us again. 


I am Sharon, a staff member with the March of Dimes. I have been actively involved with the Online Fundraising site since it was first started in 2003 so I know first hand how it has changed and grown.  I am excited about chatting with you about ways to make this online fundraising experience as easy and fun as possible.  To me this has nothing to do with technology, but a lot to do with how we have started to communicate with our family and friends  – we use email. 


I use email now to share stories with family about our children, how things are shaping up for various holidays, latest breakthroughs in child care (I’m learning about timeouts and being firm with them!).  This is gentle fundraising. 


I am lucky that as part of my work I interact with many people across the country and hear from them first hand how they use online fundraising to enhance their effort.  You are part of that effort – I would like to hear from you – share with me what you have found that works.  I will also have some guest bloggers with me, so when you ask me a question or share a concern, I may pass it on to one of them.  If you happen to throw some technology things my way, I might ask one of my tech team mates to address it (this blog is not about solving technology!)  Here is what I see us talking about:


-Features of Online Fundraising

-Tips for Fundraising Online such as Emails and Badges

-Customizing Your Pages to Make them more Personal

-Staying in Touch with Team Mates

-Monitering Your Progress

-If You are a Captain – Working with Your Team


I don’t know about you, but I love to get my first email that says I have just received a donation.  I just say – keep ‘em coming.  Send those emails!

1 Dec

Calling All Volunteers!

Posted by Volunteers

Hello volunteers! I’m Melanie, your volunteer connection for March for Babies.  You’ve surely already figured out, March for Babies is the BEST volunteer gig we’ve got going! 


There are tons of ways you can help…and that’s what you can learn about here.  Stay tuned for cool ideas that will make your walk day great for you and for babies. Be sure to also let me know how you’re marching this year so we can share how you’re making a difference and inspire others to get involved!


Remember, the March of Dimes history of success rests in the power of volunteers…and so too does our future.  Thanks for all you do for babies!

1 Dec

Welcome to Team Youth!

Posted by Volunteers

Welcome to the TeamYouth March for Babies blog! Allison and Kaylen, March of Dimes youth program staff, and youth volunteer gurus, will keep you posted on all things March for Babies and youth-that is elementary through college. We’re where you’ll want to look if you’re a school team captain, a youth national service partner, or an individual youth walker.


So whether you’re about to undertake a WonderWalk at your elementary school or launch into the world of university fund raising, we’ll try to keep you up to speed on what you need to know and what others like you are doing across the country to ensure stronger, healthier babies.

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